Hi friends!  First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all of the love!  The past week I have received so many loving and kind emails, texts, comments, etc. about our upcoming move, and also about my feature on The Couragemakers podcast (if you missed it, you can listen here).  You are all so kind, and I feel super loved, so THANK YOU again!

With the move happening this weekend, and all the packing that is going on, the house is currently in complete disarray.  For example, I made coffee this morning (because, DUH Jen, the coffee pot is the last thing that's going to be packed), but I forgot that I had packed all of my mugs.  So, I am currently drinking my coffee out of Mason jar with no handle (hot, hot, hot).  Adapt, overcome, and improvise, right?

Also, our sweet Charlie just doesn't know what the heck is going on.  He has just been wandering around aimlessly trying to figure out what all the boxes mean, and looking at me with these sad eyes that are screaming "Mama, what the heck is going on, and if you're going somewhere please take me with you!"  We've tried to do our best at reassuring him that he is loved and definitely coming with us, but I don't think he quite understands.  Poor baby.  If you have any suggestions on how to deal with animals during the moving process, please share!  I'm all ears!

Lastly, seeing as how we will be starting to load a 15' U Haul on Friday, unloading on Saturday, nesting on Sunday and Monday (4th of July), I will be back next Wednesday for an update (fingers crossed).

Send us your good vibes and lots of energy!  We're living off love and adrenaline right now, HA!

xo.  Jen






Good morning, friends!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  Mine was spent packing, organizing, and getting ready for our move to Ventura next weekend.  So excited!

Being a Self-Love Junkie with Jennifer Seale on The Couragemakers Podcast

In other exciting news, today I am featured on my very first podcast!  Meg from That Hummingbird Life invited me on her stellar podcast, The Couragemakers.  "Courage makers is a weekly podcast for creative and passionate, mission-driven doers, makers, and world-shakers designed to inspire and encourage fellow courage makers, and spark a movement of women who are choosing themselves."  Fantastic, right?  

During our time together I share part of my story and past, and how I got to where I am in the present moment.  We also talk a lot about shifting from self-doubt and guilt to self-love and listening to your intuition.  Such great authentic conversation!

Meg is a wonderful interviewer (and now dear friend) and provided such a safe, gentle space for me to share, and I am so grateful for this opportunity.  Thank you Meg!


Thank you for listening, and thank you for your love!

xo.  Jen


Hi friends!  I've missed you the last few weeks!  I shared on Instagram the other day that I had taken a little time away from blogging as part of deep self-care.  We have an exciting change coming up in our life, and it felt best for me to take a little down time before all of the change occurs.  With that being said...


YAY!  You have no idea how happy I am to share that news with you all, and how thrilled I am to be moving back to our sweet little town on the beach.  SO EXCITED!  

A little over a year ago, Greg and I made the decision to move to Pasadena.  It was mainly so he could be closer to work and not have to commute as much, but it was also about stepping out of our comfort zone and embarking on a new adventure together.  And an adventure it has been!  While in Pasadena we adopted Charlie (greatest blessing ever) and explored a new city, but most importantly, stretched and deepened our relationship with one another.  While we are very happy to be moving back to Ventura, we are also grateful for the opportunities in growth and love that the past year has brought us.  

There is a laundry list of reasons why we are moving back to Ventura, but the main thing it boiled down to for us was: It just felt right.  For me (and I can probably guess for Greg, too), when I closed my eyes and put my hand on my heart, the answer was clear.   

Much more will be shared, but for now I am just super excited that we're finally able to fully spill the beans!

Thank you for all the love and support!

xo.  Jen


Hi friends!  I've missed you!  Last week Greg, my bestie Emma, and I went to New Orleans for a little getaway.  We packed a lot into our four day trip, and had so much fun!  Have you ever been to NOLA?  It's definitely unlike anywhere else I have ever been, and I highly recommend visiting.  So much culture, history, and FOOD!

I will say, that the fried/sweet/heavy food is plentiful, however, that didn't mean I didn't listen to my body (intuitive eating), and choose to eat what felt best to me.  I totally did, and still ate whatever I wanted, which included lots of veggies, too!

Today I am going to share some of the restaurants we visited, and what I ate.  Let's begin!

Salmon Bene at The Ruby Slipper

We took a red eye from LAX, and landed super early the next day.  We slept for a few hours, then proceeded to begin our adventure of finding a spot for brunch.  We landed at The Ruby Slipper, where I had this smoked salmon bene and an iced coffee.  Super yummy and satisfying!  Side note: LOTS of cool beverages were consumed on this trip, since the weather was quite warm and humid (which we loved)!

Mid-day champs in our condo!

Our brunch lasted us all day, until we went to dinner at Cornet that evening.  I had the catfish with corn maque choux, crawfish, and micro greens.  This was SOOO yummy!  

Sucré for dessert!  The three of us shared these small desserts.  YUM!

As a rite of passage, early the next morning we went to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and coffee.  I'll be honest, this was not the right choice for me, but wanted to try it anyway.  Fried food doesn't sit well with me, and that proved to be true.  I had one beignet, and drank half of my frozen coffee.  By the way, the frozen coffee was amazinggggg!  THAT, I could drink all day!  Yum!


We did a long walking tour that morning, so later that day for lunch I was really ready for some greens!  We headed to Green Goddess where I had the Vegan Luau Creole Cuban (say that five times fast, haha) with a side of sesame veggie slaw.  the sandwich had tons of kale, arugula, Swiss chard, pineapple, and a Creole sauce.  This was DELICIOUS, and exactly what my body wanted (something substantial, yet light).

Mid-day virgin Moscow Mule (wanted the taste, but wasn't feeling the alcohol)!  Perfect!

We had such a special dinner that evening!  We went to Emeril's first restaurant, Delmonico.  Holy moly, this did NOT disappoint!  The food was delicious (I had the red snapper with green rice), the wine was great, and the service was incredible!  It was definitely a treat (price wise), but I highly recommend it!  Definitely the best meal we had!  

Refreshing iced coffee at Mojo Coffee Roasters.

For breakfast, we went to the highly recommended Surrey's Cafe and Juice Bar.  Again, this was AMAZING!  My favorite breakfast for sure!  I had the Creole omelette (filled with avocado and veggies).  Mmm!


Our breakfast held us for most of the day, so in the afternoon I had a Louisiana Mary (spicy bloody Mary).  This was amazing! They used serrano infused vodka, and OMG.  So good!

I didn't take photos of food that night, or the next morning.  But I continued to listen to my body, and give her what she wanted (salad for dinner, and eggs with a biscuit for breakfast).

Part of traveling is eating the food that the people of that the area cook and eat.  That's part of culture and traveling, and it can be so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you want to hear more about my trip.  Maybe I'll do a recap of what we did and where we stayed?  Let me know if you're interested!

Also, have you been to NOLA?  What was your experience like?  Any recommendations on where I should go next?

xo.  Jen



Disclaimer: This is definitely a hodgepodge of a post.  Ha!

Yesterday I received an email from a reader asking me to send her the link for my Vegetable Tikka Masala recipe, which I also ended up sharing on Facebook.  Anyway, after almost two years of that recipe being on The HHB, it is still my most searched for recipe!  Have you tried it?  In fact, it's also the most requested dish by my family and friends (good think it makes a TON).  If you haven't tried it, this is a gentle nudge. Haha! 

On Monday I launched my 21 Day Meditation Experience.  I am really proud of this course, and excited to have so many people join.  Have you signed-up yet?  If not, head over here for FAQ's and how to sign-up.  

For example, one of the questions was, "I really want to do this, but can't begin for _______ reason until Wednesday (or whenever).  Will I miss two days?"  Answer: Not a problem!  This is completely self-paced, so as soon as you purchase you will start receiving the meditation series (one by one).  Just begin when you are ready, you won't miss a thing!

For an example of what my meditations are like, I shared this Body Stillness Meditation last week, absolutely FREE!  

Lastly, my friend Paige and I are taking an online Self-Compassion Course with Kristin Neff and Brené Brown, and while I am only a little bit into it, the content has been so incredible thus far.

Both Neff and Brown are two of my favorite writers, speakers, and influencers, and I was so excited when I found out that they were teaching together.  I highly recommend their work!  

Well, I told you it was a mixture of stuff today!  As always, I am here to support you, so if you have any questions, please let me know.  Enjoy your day!

xo.  Jen


I am so excited for today!  Last week I shared my very first guided audio meditation, and today I am going LIVE with my 21 Day Meditation Experience!  YAY!

This is something that I have been pouring an immense amount of energy, time, love, and creativity into.  I am very proud of this passion project of mine, and even more excited to share with each of you!

If you don't have any questions and want to jump right to the series, CLICK HERE!


Join me in cultivating a daily habit that can create lasting change, by centering your mind, and centering your day!  

This 21 Day Meditation Experience is based off the principles of self-care and mindfulness.  Each morning for 21 days, a guided audio meditation will be delivered directly to your inbox containing a 5 minute meditation along with an affirmation for the day.  Each day will be different, and the topics will range anywhere from balance to body image to self-love to abundance, and more!  

Whether you are a beginner, or you've been mediating for years, this is a great series for everyone!


What exactly is meditation?

I like to think of meditation as surrendering to the unknown, while going within and connecting to the divine (call it whatever you prefer: love, Spirit, Universe, God).  For me, it is a place where time doesn't exist, and consciousness flows.

I really want to do this, but can't begin for _______ reason until Wednesday (or whenever).  Will I miss two days?

Not a problem!  This is completely self-paced, so as soon as you purchase you will start receiving the meditation series (one by one).  Just begin when you are ready, you won't miss a thing!

I have never meditated before.  I don't think I will even be able to sit still for 5 minutes.  How do I know if this is right for me?

This is a completely natural and understandable thought, and it is something that I felt before I started meditating.  Through my guided meditation, when focusing on voice, you often feel less anxious mentally, and physically more still.  I also like to think that as things arise during meditation (whether it be a noise, a physical movement, or something else) it's part of the individual process, and an opportunity to go deeper into meditation. 

I am a: busy professional, mom of three young children, student on-the-go, volunteer, etc.  I don't think I have time to meditate.  Is there something else you suggest?

This is exactly why I created 5 minute (give or take a few seconds) meditations!  We as humans have a lot going on, and a simple 5 minute meditation is the perfect way to facilitate self-care and practice mindfulness.

Why five minutes?  Why not one, 20, or an hour?

When I asked my clients and readers what they thought the appropriate length of time for a meditation was it was a unanimous "Five minutes!"  I feel that five minutes is a perfect amount of time for beginners to start off meditating with.  

For those that have been meditating for a while, five minutes is also a great amount of time to listen to a guided meditation, then go into silence for how ever long you feel comfortable with.  

Do I have to close my eyes?  Be alone?  Sit cross-legged?

This is a very personal decision.  It may be unconventional, but I feel that meditation can be done anywhere, and does not to be done a certain way.  With that being said, the only caveat is that at times when doing other things (like driving) you are unable to be fully still.  My suggestion is to do what feels the most comfortable for you.

What will I gain by meditating?

Each of us are unique individuals, so each of us will gain something different.  Some of the benefits that I have experienced through meditating are: a better understanding of myself and humanity as a whole, improved clarity and concentration, deeper focus, a greater connection to the divine, a greater sense of wholeness (mentally, emotionally, and physically), and SO much more!

What is the cost?

It is a one time investment of $47.  

Where do I start?!

Head over to this page, and you will be able to begin!  

If you have any questions, let me know either in the comments or via email.  

Thanks for all of your support, and I can't wait to start meditating with you!

xo.  Jen



HOLY MOLY!  I am so excited to announce that I have recorded my very first guided meditation!  YAY!  This is something that I have been wanting to do for quite some time, and it was only until recently that I said "It doesn't need to be perfect, it just needs to BE!"  I have recorded a custom written (by me) meditation, along with music (not by me), 5 minute guided meditation, and it is available NOW.  Super easy-peasy to use, and absolutely FREE.  YES, FREE!  As in my gift to you for being incredible.  So, without further ado, here she is:

Body Stillness Meditation

Next Monday I will be debuting (sounds so fancy, haha) my 21 Day Meditation Experience.  This 21 day meditation series will be focused on self-care and mindfulness, and is built to assist anyone, no matter where they are on their path.  

I will be sharing about this more in depth next week, with a list of questions and answers that people have asked about meditation.  If you have any, please send them in.  I am here to assist, guide, and support you.

Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to this guided meditation.  Your support and love mean so much more than words can express!  If you enjoyed this meditation, please feel free to share.

Any questions?  Shoot me an email!

xo.  Jen


Happy Monday!  I hope you all had a fantastic weekend.  I am simply popping in today to say hello, and let you know that I am have something really special and exciting in the works, and will let you know all about it this Wednesday!  So excited!

Also, my first newsletter went out this morning, and those that signed-up and got a big preview of what's to come.  If you haven't signed up yet, you can below.  Side note: So many of you did, and I truly thank you for all the support.  You guys are wonderful!  

Have a wonderful day, and I will see you Wednesday!

xo.  Jen


Happy Friday!  

I often get asked about my favorite books, and those I recommend to my clients, friends, and readers.  When I launched my new site, I created a separate drop-down folder for all of "My Faves."  This includes my favorite kitchen items, health & beauty products, cookbooks, and regular books.

The list of books is definitely the longest, so rather than sharing with you about each one, I am going to highlight a few to give you an idea, and tell you why I love them.  To learn more, click on the books link above, and you can see them all. :)

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes - This is basically my mothership.  Holmes is the founder of Religious Science (aka Science of Mind), and this book has helped me in more words than I can possibly express.  This book is more of a teaching, of spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical nature.  I can honestly say, I would not be the person I am today without this book.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay - I grew up with "Auntie Louise" in many conversations.  My mother always had this book lying around, and anytime something physical would arise, be it anything from a sore throat to a stomach ache, we would look at the metaphysical meaning behind it.  Now, not to say there is or isn't any truth to that, but what I loved most were the positive affirmations that were given correlated to the specific ailment (still do).  I am a firm believer in the power of your thoughts and words, and I loved the deep conviction behind these affirmations.

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch - When I began seeing my own health coach a few years ago, she recommended this book to me.  This ended up being the core of what I formed my own health, as well as my health coaching business on: Intuitive Eating.  I highly recommend this book to many of my clients, as well as anyone that is interested in their own wellness journey.

Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff - I feel like I have been talking about this book a lot lately (I swear it's not sponsored, haha), but I truly LOVE it!  Everything Neff says is right on point, and she also provides such gentle words of wisdom and love.  So great!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - This is a recent read, and I absolutely loved it!  I really enjoy the way Gilbert writes, as she intertwines so much feeling and emotion with her words.  This book sparked a lot of creativity within me, but also reaffirmed that we all have something creative within us (even if we don't think we do).

I hope you found these book recommendations helpful!  What are some of your favorite reads?  I'd love to hear!  Post in the comments or email me.  :)

xo.  Jen

P.S. Make sure you sign-up for my newsletter (form below)!  Monday is the first one, and I am announcing something super special! 


Good morning, friends!  

Lately I have been re-reading Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff.  This book is truly incredible, and while I have mentioned it before, but I feel like I am picking up different bits of wisdom and insight with each page I turn.  I highly recommend it!

When life is tough and stressful, or when we make mistakes (which is bound to happen because we're human), the first thing many of us tend to do is beat ourselves up, or make ourselves wrong.  

I really love this quote by Kristin Neff, because it shows us how to look at the situation with a new set of glasses.  Does beating ourself up really help the situation?  No.  Does picking out every little comment that we said or action that we made make it better?  No.  Then lets look at it differently.

How can we show ourselves more kindness and compassion during a difficult time?  Maybe it's through seeking what we need in that moment, whether it be a quiet moment alone, picking up take-out on the way home from work, a hug from a friend, or something else.  Such food for thought, yes?  

I've found for myself that when I look within and see how I can provide comfort to my soul, (even if it is as simple as having Starbucks make my coffee for me), compassion sets in, and I tend to see the situation differently.  

What about you?  I'd love to hear how you show yourself kindness and compassion during times of need!

xo.  Jen  

P.S. Exciting stuff coming up at The HHB!  Stay tuned!