21 Day Meditation Experience


21 Day Meditation Experience


Join me in cultivating a daily habit that can create lasting change, by centering your mind, and centering your day!  

This 21 Day Meditation Experience is based off the principles of self-care and mindfulness.  Each morning for 21 days, a guided audio meditation will be delivered directly to your inbox containing a 5 minute meditation along with an affirmation for the day.  Each day will be different, and the topics will range anywhere from balance to body image to self-love to abundance, and more!  

Whether you are a beginner, or you've been mediating for years, this is a great series for everyone!


What exactly is meditation?

I like to think of meditation as surrendering to the unknown, while going within and connecting to the divine (call it whatever you prefer: love, Spirit, Universe, God).  For me, it is a place where time doesn't exist, and consciousness flows.

I really want to do this, but can't begin for _______ reason until Wednesday (or whenever).  Will I miss two days?

Not a problem!  This is completely self-paced, so as soon as you purchase you will start receiving the meditation series (one by one).  Just begin when you are ready, you won't miss a thing!

I have never meditated before.  I don't think I will even be able to sit still for 5 minutes.  How do I know if this is right for me?

This is a completely natural and understandable thought, and it is something that I felt before I started meditating.  Through my guided meditation, when focusing on my voice, you often feel less anxious mentally, and physically more still.  I also like to think that as things arise during meditation (whether it be a noise or a physical movement) it's part of the individual process, and an opportunity to go deeper into meditation. 

I am a: busy professional, mom of three young children, student on-the-go, volunteer, etc.  I don't think I have time to meditate.  Is there something else you suggest?

This is exactly why I created 5 minute (give or take a few seconds) meditations!  We as humans have a lot going on, and a simple 5 minute meditation is the perfect way to practice self-care.

hy five minutes?  Why not one, 20, or an hour?

When I asked my clients and readers what they thought the appropriate length of time for a meditation was it was a unanimous "Five minutes!"  I feel that five minutes is a perfect amount of time for beginners to start off meditating with.  

For those that have been meditating for a while, five minutes is also a great amount of time to listen to a guided meditation, then go into silence for how ever long you feel comfortable with.  

Do I have to close my eyes?  Be alone?  Sit cross-legged?

This is a very personal decision.  It may be unconventional, but I feel that meditation can be done anywhere, and does not to be done a certain way.  With that being said, the only caveat is that at times when doing other things (like driving) you are unable to be fully still.  My suggestion is to do what feels the most comfortable for you.

What will I gain by meditating?

Each of us are unique individuals, so each of us will gain something different.  Some of the benefits that I have experienced through meditating are: a better understanding of myself and humanity as a whole, improved clarity and concentration, deeper focus, a greater connection to the divine, a greater sense of wholeness (mentally, emotionally, and physically), and SO much more!


*Once purchased, you will receive your first meditation via email within 24 hours.

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