When I was a young girl I had this small, hard bound, purple diary with a lock shaped as a heart. I swear, I wrote in that baby EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.  Sometimes multiple times a day. About what, you ask?  Oh, you know, the every day cry of the average 5th grade girl:  Who I had a crush on (JTT, forever), what I wanted for my birthday (clear jellies, still do), what music I was into (TLC, still am).  You get the point. for blog

Needless to say, I no longer keep that purple diary under my pillow at night in fear that my younger brothers will read it.  However, I have continued keeping many a journal over the years. The past several years I have a daily routine of writing each morning, as a way of setting an intention for the day.  Some times life gets busy, and I skip a day, or write in the evening instead, but I usually keep it pretty consistent.

So, today I am here to share with you how I have found the benefits to be so fulfilling:


Do you ever look back in your mind at things you did 5, 10, 20 years ago?  Look at the wisdom and experience you have gained!  Now, can you imagine if you actually wrote a daily recollection of these thoughts and events?  You may be able to see all the opportunities that you had for growth, and realize just how far you have come.  It's beautiful!


Writing down the details really helps to see things as they actually are, not just as how I am experiencing them.  This helps to sort through and find ways to act, in order to reach a solution.


Sometimes, just getting out what is bothering me is enough.  When something is written externally, it definitely helps to get out whatever is causing an internal stir.  Write it out, baby!


These are your own intimate thoughts.  It is a way that you can acknowledge your joys and/or fears, and process them.  Are there areas where forgiveness can be practice (either of self or others)?  Is self-love needed?


This is HUGE for me.  Each time I start writing about what I am grateful for, I turn into this emotional writing mess (in a good way).  Focusing on how my life is so blessed, really breaks everything down and into perspective.  I love this benefit!


Journaling is something that you can do anywhere you go, and any time of the day.  I prefer to keep a handwritten journal, but if you like the idea of using a word document on your computer, or even your smart phone, then go for it!

Different ways on how to get started:

  1. Stream of consciousness.  Don't auto-correct.  Don't erase.  Don't look words up in the dictionary.  Just write.  Even if all you can think of is "I have nothing to write."  Continue doing that, something will eventually come.
  2. Be present.  Where are you in the moment?  Write about your work, relationships, creative endeavors, etc.
  3. Make a list.  Lists are my favorite!  Make a gratitude list, a grocery list, a wish list.  For me, this brings on other topics.
  4. Dialogue.  Dialogue with yourself.  Ask yourself questions, and answer them.
  5. Let others assist in inspiring you.  Find a quote or some other piece of writing that you enjoy, and write about it.

If you don't already journal, I hope this gives you an idea of some fun ways to get started.  If you already journal, how do you like to write?  What benefits do you experience?

xo. Jen