french flag Bonjour!  First things first: no, I am not in France, but that would certainly be wonderful! However, tomorrow night my mind, along with my dinner will be.  Greg and I are a hosting a fundraising dinner party tomorrow evening, and we had the opportunity to choose a theme, so I went with French.  So fun, right?  It has been such a joy coming up with different spins on classic French recipes.  Also, my goal is to turn our dining area into a replica of a sidewalk bistro.  Decor is key!


The French are known for their rich, yet light cuisine.  I love that!  The majority do not limit their intake of what they eat, but more so of how they eat.  Moderation is key, and I am a big proponent of that.  While I cook and explore new recipes for our party, I will definitely be documenting my adventure.  I say adventure, because while I know a lot about French culture and food, I haven't experienced much French cooking (in comparison to other types of cultural food).  I'm excited, and know that it will be fun no matter what, and that's what's important.  :)

eiffel tower

As I'm cooking, I will certainly be writing down my recipes and taking photos.  Next week, join along as I share all about my French cooking adventure.  Have a beautiful weekend, and if you have any tips or suggestions, please send them my way!

xo.  Jen