Good morning!  Today is the first day of Fall, and I am sooooooooooooooo excited!  Can you tell?  Technically it isn't until later tonight, but I'm celebrating this morning.  Although my grateful heart is very blessed to live in lovely, sunny southern California, I sometimes long for stronger “seasons.”  Sigh… There is something so comforting about Autumn.  Maybe it is the warmth that Mother Nature brings with the leaves changing to gorgeous hues of reds and oranges, or because I get to wear my favorite sweaters and boots.  It could be that I spend lots of time in the kitchen creating fun food with warmness and hints of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Regardless, my heart starts to flutter a bit, and I well up with joy just thinking about it.  I even started eating oatmeal again (why I associate oatmeal with Fall, I do not know).

blueberry oatmeal

During the Fall when I was a young girl, my Grandfather would rake enormous piles of beautiful leaves in his front yard.  In between jumping in the piles, I would sit and read in them.  I loved Laura Ingalls Wilder, and vividly remember her description of Autumn in Little House in the Big Woods.

“The attic was a lovely place to play. The large, round, colored pumpkins made beautiful chairs and tables. The red peppers and the onions dangled overhead. The hams and the venison hung in their paper wrappings, and all the bunches of dried herbs, the spicy herbs for cooking and the bitter herbs for medicine, gave the place a dusty-spicy smell. Often the wind howled outside with a cold and lonesome sound. But in the attic Laura and Mary played house with the squashes and the pumpkins, and everything was snug and cozy.”

Of course I love Wilder's description of all the food, but it also brings up a sort of nesting instinct in me.  Maybe it's because the chill of Autumn brings you indoors to decorate, cook, and spend time with those you love.  Does that make any sense?

photo 1

In the upcoming weeks be prepared for some fun, cozy, warm Autumn food.  Any ideas or requests?

Meanwhile, here where I live, the weather is reported to be sunny and in the high 70's all week. I wont complain, I'll just buy some Autumn inspired flowers to get me in the mood. Ha!

xo.  Jen