Good morning, friends! Yesterday I mentioned that I had something new and exciting to share, and I'm so thrilled about it! Let me preface by saying, that for a year or so when I was in elementary school I had a penpal that lived in Indiana. It was the most fun thing to me, because a few times a month we would send letters to each other. These were the days before email and social media. Gosh, how I loved going to the mailbox finding a letter addressed to me, adorned with Lisa Frank stickers. Snail mail is the best! Okay, I'm dating myself a bit. Anyway, about a year ago I discovered Lindsay's blog, The Lean Green Bean, and was instantly hooked! She has great information, and lots of yummy recipes, too!  One of the best parts about finding Lindsay's blog was discovering that every month she led and put together Foodie Penpals.

FPP-postFoodie Penpals is basically exactly what it sounds like. Each month tons of people sign up, and you get paired with another foodie. You each discuss your likes, dislikes, food allergies, etc. For example, I love coconut and anything spicy, and don't care for processed foods or gluten. Then, you put together a box of goodies and a letter explaining your choices/recipes, and send it off! Then, the last day of the month, we reveal our delicious treasures (if you have a blog, which isn't required). So fun, right?

This month I was paired up with Jessica at A Life of Gymspiration. Jessica is seriously so authentic and sweet! I was blown away with her delicious HOMEMADE treats! I felt so special that she spent so much time and energy putting together the best goodies. Thank you so much, Jessica!

Now for the reveal! Drum roll please...

photo 1I was so excited when my package arrived, I didn't wait more than 20 seconds before opening it!

photo 2Look at all the yummy treats that Jessica sent me!

photo 1 (2)Jessica baked!  These Coconut-Almond cookies were good!  They weren't super sweet (which is a good thing, in my book), but still felt like dessert.

photo 2 (2)Who doesn't love raw almonds? Such a great snack, especially when you're on the run!

photo 4Okay, so I think both Greg and I formed a slight addiction to this salsa.  It is sooo good.  We had it with chips, on tacos, as salad dressing.  It's been in the house less than two weeks, and there is probably about two tablespoons left.  Ha!  I'm going to have to look online to order some.

photo 3Last, but certainly not least, these babies were my absolute fave!  Dark chocolate coconut bites!  Again, sweet, but not sugary.  Such a great two/three-bite sized treat (I savored it)!  I love that she made them, too!

photo 3 (2)Thanks again, Jessica! I loved my yummy goodies, and sweet card!  If you want to check out what I sent Jessica, click here!

Also, if you're interested in Foodie Penpals, here is the direct link.

Have a great day, and I'll see you tomorrow for a yummy, Autumn inspired recipe!

xo. Jen