Good afternoon!  Yesterday was super busy, so I am a day late on my Weekend Recap, but thought I'd share anyway.  For the most part the weekend was pretty mellow.  I had a few events, but lots of relaxing was involved, too.  Hope yours was great as well! Vegetarian Chili

Friday evening we stayed in and had some super yummy vegan chili that I made.  This chili ended up lasting us (including a few guests) a total of 10 meals.  I totally goofed up though!  I was so excited to eat my chili, that I didn't take a photo of the final product, just all the steps getting there.  Fail!  Would any of you still want to see the recipe?  Or should I do it over?  Let me know!

photo 2On Saturday morning I made Greg a chili omelette (with leftover chili obviously, ha!), and I made myself PB+J oatmeal.  I used almond butter, my blueberry vanilla applesauce, and a dash of cinnamon.  Soooo good, and reminded me of a PB+J sandwich, hence the name.

photo 3After breakfast we took a nice walk around the neighborhood, and over to our local swapmeet. We didn't end up getting anything, but it was definitely fun to stroll around and peek at all the goodies.  There was one vendor that was selling chiles, and he must have had over 20 varieties. They were beautiful, albeit a bit intimidating.

Later that day we headed to Ojai (about 20 minutes north of us) for the afternoon, but first stopped to go wine tasting at our favorite local place, and pick up our shipment.  I do have a few pictures, but someone doesn't care for them. Ha!

photo 4For lunch we went to Farmer and the Cook.  How this was my first time eating there, I do not know.  This place is AMAZING!  We were super hungry, so decided to share an apple oat bar before our food came out.  Holy moly you guys, this thing was delcious!  I am definitely going to try to re-create this recipe.

photo 5How gorgeous is this lunch?  Greg had the raw tacos, and I had the veggie tacos.  Mine came with rice, beans, and a sort of pickled coleslaw (awesome!), which we shared.  I only ended up eating one taco, because of how filling the apple oat bar was. Ooops!  If you're local, I highly recommend this place.

photo 1 (2)Sunday morning I made french toast on sprouted wheat bread with more of my blueberry vanilla applesauce, and a sprinkle of toasted coconut on top.  Again, cozy, healthy, and delicious.

photo 2 (2)Lastly, if you live in southern California you may be on the same page as me...I really want Autumn to be here!  Technically, it is Autumn, but when the weather is in the 80's and 90's, it hardly feels like it.  I'm ready to break out my riding boots and chunky sweaters!  Until then, these flowers and place mats will have to do.  Sigh...

See you tomorrow for a simple, green, and mouth watering stir-fry recipe!

xo.  Jen