Happy Monday, friends!  Do you ever feel like each year goes quicker than the last?  I can't believe that Thanksgiving is already this week.  Geesh!  Where did time go?  Family and friends are coming into town, prepping will be taking place, plenty of cooking will be happening and of course, lots of eating!  But during that time, I'm making a conscious choice to slowww down and savor this this week.  I want to spend quality time with family, and take lots of fun pictures to cherish in the future! photo 2While this past weekend was full of fun, it was also really relaxing as well.  Friday afternoon my boss and I went out to lunch to celebrate his birthday.  We went to this great Brazilian restaurant that I had never been to, and it was absolutely delicious!  Their specialties are Moquecas, which is usually a type of seafood dish that is served in a clay pot.  My Moqueca had several types of fish and veggies in a tomato broth.  They serve it with rice, and red chili oil.  It was freaking amazing!  Plus, I had a bunch left over for Greg to try, too,  I highly recommend you try it!

photo 3More food on Friday!  We spent time with family on Friday night, and went out to our favorite Thai place.  I had Pad Kee Mao, which is hot and spicy rice noodles, and instead of adding meat, I get lots of veggies.  So good!  Of course, lots of leftovers, which was great the next day.

photo 1Saturday morning was spent relaxing, drinking matcha green tea and catching up on my magazine reading.  I lit a candle, wrapped myself in a cozy blanket and even stayed in my pajamas!  It was so nice to do this!

photo 4This was in Real Simple (my absolute favorite magazine), and it really touched my heart, and I thought I would share it with all of you.  Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude!  I am grateful for each of you!

photo 5This was us on Saturday night celebrating the birthdays of a few friends.  I have a goofy grin, but he looks adorable.  We kept laughing because I was wearing a plaid shirt, rolled up jeans and military lace up boots.  It was like a mix between a lumberjack and 90's grunge.  Ha!

I'll be back tomorrow, but in the mean time, have a great start to a joyous week!

xo.  Jen