Good morning!  As you can see, I decided to take a week off from blogging.  With Thanksgiving, events and family in town, it felt like the right thing to do.  In my last post I mentioned how I wanted to slow down and cherish the time I had with family and friends, and that was definitely accomplished!  I also had the opportunity to decorate our home, and it looks so magical.  I love white twinkle lights, and anything gold or sparkly! This post is mainly photos, but tomorrow I will have a festive winter recipe for you!

photo 1My two brothers and I a few days before Thanksgiving.  Very thankful for such awesome brothers!

photo 2Greg took a family photo of us the same evening as above.  Love my family!

photo 3My very full Thanksgiving Day plate.  This was AMAZING, and I enjoyed every bite!  Ha! From the top: green bean casserole (my Aunt made), sourdough + cranberry stuffing (I made), mashed potatoes (Mom made), cranberry-orange relish (TJ's, shh!), creamed onions (my Grandma's recipe, which I made made), creamy sweet potatoes with pecan topping (I made), and in the middle you can see a bit of old fashioned stuffing (my Aunt made).  I don't eat turkey, but my Mom made that, and everyone thought it was delicious.  I didn't blog any of these recipes, but if you would like them, let me know!  Great for Christmas, too!

photo 4My sweet dog nephew, Calvin.

photo 5Yummy coffee in my favorite mug at my parents house.  :)

photo 1 (2)Sometimes simple is best (especially after the holidays)!  Scrambled eggs, AB sprouted toast with a honey drizzle and a cup of tea.  Yum!

photo 2 (2)


photo 3 (2)Greg and I went on a really fun date on Saturday night.  We walked around downtown and went into several shops (which we hadn't done in a while), then had a great dinner, drinks and even shared dessert!  As you can see in the above blurry photos!  Ha!  We each had dirty martinis, and shared this bread pudding with fresh fruit.  It was seriously delicious!  I so enjoy spending time quality time with my love, and am so grateful for him.

photo 5 (2)Sunday I made a huge batch of veggie chili to last us a few days.  So yummy, and the perfect food to keep us warm!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and have a great week!  See you tomorrow!

xo.  Jen