Hello!  How's everyone doing?  How was your weekend?  I meant to get this post out earlier today, but time got away from me.  Busy Monday!  Anyway, my weekend was fun and full! Here's a quick recap... photo 1Friday night Greg and I went to a championship football game here in town at my alma matar. They lost, but it was a fun game nonetheless.  Earlier in the day I was feeling low energy, and not really up to doing anything that evening, however, I was quickly bribed with the promise of snacks and fun.  I'm easily pleased.  Ha!

photo 2On Saturday, I woke up early and had cozy morning to myself.  I cuddled on the couch with a warm blanket, lit a candle, had a cup of tea and started reading the new e-book Finding Balance by Paige over at Healthy Hits the Spot.  Paige was my health coach turned friend, and this book is a great, authentic, simplified way of finding balance in your own life.  No, this is not a sponsored post, I just really resonate with most everything she wrote about, and highly suggest you check it out.  Thanks for the inspiration, Paige!

photo 3Later that morning, Greg and I went downtown to have a mini-date.  Which, as a side is so, so, so precious to me.  I truly cherish every moment we get to spend together.  Love my guy!  First, we went to our favorite coffee shop where we had "treat" coffees (ancho chile mocha for her, praline twist for him).  I say treat because ordinarily we would both just get plain coffees. Mine was just the right amount of sweet and spicy.  So good!

Also, although I don't have any photos, Saturday afternoon was filled volunteering at our center, and that evening we had a silent auction, wine garden and concert.  It was so much fun!

photo 4Lunch on Sunday was a strange but delicious flavor combo: tuna salad plus cranberry relish on sprouted wheat.  So good!

photo 5Last but not least, Sunday evening was spent baking chocolate chip cookies and snuggling on the couch while we watched a movie.  Great end to the weekend!

xo.  Jen