Hello there!  Can you believe how quickly this week is going by?  Maybe it's just me, but I'm finding it hard to believe that it's already Thursday.  Eeek! In the past few days I have had two different people ask for suggestions on what type of healthy meals to feed their families when the weather turns a bit more chilly.  They both mentioned pretty much the same thing, in that they associated warm, comfort foods with heaviness, casseroles and lots of cheese.  Well, I decided to do a round-up of five different meals (all on The Happy Healthy Balance) that are not only comforting and delicious, but also are nutrient dense and good for you.  Some even have cheese!  Take a peek at a few of my faves below...

Coconut Lentils 2Coconut Lentils

Mmm...my mouth is watering just thinking about this dish.  Ha!  These coconut lentils are something that everyone will think you spent hours making, when in reality, it is so simple to make.  Shh, don't tell them!  Packed full of protein and fiber, this is a great winter-time meal.

photo 4Kale + White Bean Stew

This hearty stew is great for those who need to eat their veggies, but are intimidated by them. Warm, filling, full of nutrients and has a slight resemblance to mashed potatoes (random, but I think it's the garbanzo beans).  Win-win!

Quinoa Enchilada Bake 1Quinoa Enchilada Bake

This is my #1 searched for item on my blog!  I love the spicy, melty consistency of this meal.  I definitely get my Mexican fix, without all the added heaviness.  The avocado and cilantro on top are my fave...mmm!  Feeds a crowd, too!

photo 4

Spaghetti Squash

Oh, how I love spaghetti squash!  Seriously, I would marry it!  Ha!  Spaghetti squash is another meal that is super quick to make, and will leave you feeling like you had pasta, without the carb-hangover afterwards.  Delicious with sauteed mushrooms!

Tikka Masala 2

Vegetable Tikka Masala

Out of everything I cook, this is my #1 most requested meal.  People love this Tikka Masala!  This is a great dish to serve a crowd, or just yourself, as it tastes even more delicious a few days after.  All the spices and veggies will leave you feeling satisfied and warm.  Yum!

I hope you enjoyed this round-up, and that it gave you a few ideas for meals to cook when it gets a bit chilly outside.  Also, lots of rain seems to be coming here in California, so please stay safe and dry.  See you tomorrow!

xo.  Jen