Happy Monday!  Did you all have a fun and festive weekend?  Mine was filled with a mixture of fun events as well as tying up loose ends before Christmas gets here.  Here is a quick Weekend Recap!  Enjoy! photo 1The weekend began with dinner on Friday at a local Italian restaurant with Greg and Kanan. Yay for winter break!  I love, love, LOVE this photo of them.

photo 2Saturday was busy!  I was out and about picking up last minute gifts with my Mama, shopping for Christmas dinner, and wrapping.  By the time Saturday evening rolled around I was pooped! The guys went to a movie, while I stayed home and read while eating this yummy green salad. So simple! Mixed greens + tomatoes + cucumber + Goddess dressing + fresh black pepper = YUM!

photo 4

photo 3After church on Sunday we went to our favorite Mexican place with family.  Brenda (Greg's sister my sister) and I ordered the exact same thing, including the best margarita (seriously, they make the best marg's EVER).  Refreshing and fun!  Afterwards we did a little thrift shopping, followed by a visit to the playhouse, where we saw The Game's Afoot.  So good!

photo 5When we got home I received the BEST surprise!  I found out on Friday that I won the #ImFindingBalance giveaway from Healthy Hits the Spot (via Instagram), and the packages shipped from Amazon SO quick!  I won the book Intuitive Eating by  Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch, as well as two Kate Spade journals.  Both of the journals have little messages/quotes inside and are a perfect size for my purse.  Plus, I couldn't be more excited to read the book while I have time off over the holidays.  Thanks Paige!

Alright loves, have a beautiful rest of your day, and I'll be back tomorrow!

xo.  Jen