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photo 4

Hi friends!  The past week or so I've had a bit of a tummy bug, so while laying low and taking care of myself, I also haven't been blogging.  I've missed it!  I am definitely feeling more myself today, so thought I would share a simple juice recipe that I have been loving lately. This juice has the most beautiful color, and the nutritional aspect is just as great.  Let's take a peek at what I used, and the health benefits:


  • Full of fiber, which in turn is great for your digestive system.
  • Healthier, whiter teeth.  Apples itself don't actually turn your teeth white, but they help you produce extra saliva that helps protect against decay and bacteria.
  • Helps fight the effects of aging on the brain due to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine that is naturally found in apples.


  • Have been proven to boost your stamina, in all regards.
  • Excellent detoxifier, especially with the liver, kidneys and colon.
  • Assists in lowering blood pressure.


  • As most of us know, with all the beta-carotene, carrots are great for improving vision.
  • With all the naturally occurring vitamin A, carrots also promote healthy, glowing skin.
  • Can help with infection.  You can grate a carrot and place on a would to help it heal quicker.

Turmeric (which I added after juicing)

  • One of the best sources to fight inflammation, ranging from joints to organs.
  • Neutralizes free radicals in the body.
  • Great for heart health.

One of these days I will go more in depth about juicing, and my experience with it, but for now here is a simple recipe that is packed full of nutrients and tastes great!  This is definitely one of those juices you would want to start out drinking, as opposed to a full on green juice that your taste buds may not be used to.

photo 2

photo 2

Apple, Beet, Carrot + Turmeric Juice, serves 1

2 medium apples (I used Gala) 2 medium beets 6 medium carrots 1 tsp. turmeric

Simply juice the first three ingredients in your juicer, and when done, add in the turmeric.  Drink up!

photo 5

photo 5

Besides the great taste, my favorite part of this juice is the color.  Isn't it incredible?

Do you like juicing?  What's your favorite combo?

xo.  Jen

P.S. Tomorrow I have something reallyyyyyy exciting for you!  Stay tuned!