Hi everyone!  Hope you're all doing well!  Yes, I have been a bit absent the past week, so sorry! However, I'm going to give myself a bit of grace as I was busy having fun celebrating my birthday!  Forgive me?  :) This post is going to be personal, mainly photos, and a play-by-play of my weekend.  Hope you like it, and I'll be back tomorrow with some regular goodies.

photo 1 (4)Mushy-gushy alert! --> I want to start by saying that I am one blessed woman!  My loving man, amazing friends and beautiful family showed me an immense amount of love, and I feel so grateful!  My heart is so full!

photo 3 (5)Friday started off at work, where my co-worker gave the cutest pressies, and my boss took me out to my favorite sushi place for lunch.  Yum!

photo 1Like my alien photo?  Ha!  After lunch, I went to see my stylist miracle worker, where she revived my hair.  If you need a stylist, Shannon at A Secret Place Salon is the BEST!  Thank you, Shan!

photo 4 (3)Saturday started with Greg and taking a hike at our local botanical gardens.  They morning was quite hazy, but still so gorgeous.  I feel so thankful to live in Ventura.

photo 3After our hike we grabbed some coffee, and went to get the nail salon.  I got the most wonderful mani and pedi!  Ahh, bliss!

We spent the majority of the afternoon relaxing, then the two of us headed to Lure for an amazing dinner.  Seriously, it was so good!  Unfortunately, my photos sucked.  Ha!  Then we headed home to meet my friend for drinks...

photo 3 (2)SURPRISE!  Greg, my friends and family threw a surprise party for me!  I was soooo overwhelmed with love (in the best way possible).  I guess I was really quiet (and quite teary), but only because I was so shocked!  How sweet are the people in my life?  Again, I feel so blessed!

photo 3 (3)

photo 2 (4)

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (3)

photo 5 (2)As you can see, lots of fun was had!  Thank you to everyone!

photo 1 (2)Sunday was my actual birthday, and it was super low key and relaxing.  Brekkie at Allison's, church, then a super fun Oscar party at my Mom's house.  A wonderful day!

Yesterday, Emma continued with the festivities and treated me to lunch and a massage. Heaven!

I am one blessed lady, and couldn't be more grateful!  Thanks again, I love you all so much!

xo.  Jen

P.S.  See you tomorrow for a delicious and nutritious recipe!  :)