Happy Friday, friends!  Anyone have any big plans for this weekend?  I am SO excited to binge on House of Cards tonight!  Ha!  Am I weird, or is anyone else joining me?  I won't be sharing any spoilers, but it wouldn't surprise me if we finish the whole season by next Monday.  Just sayin'.  #houseofcardsobsessed  <-- Okay, now I'm weird. photo (2)Anyway, off the topic of House of Cards, and onto the topic of beauty.  The other day I posted the above image on my Instagram, and really thought about it before I did.  What is beauty? What does being beautiful mean to me?  When do I feel beautiful?

Webster's dictionary defines beautiful as follows:


[byoo-tuh-fuh l]

  1. having beauty; possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about, etc.;
  2. delighting the senses or mind: excellent of its kind: 
  3. wonderful; very pleasing or satisfying.

To me, being beautiful is being comfortable in your own skin (inside and outside).  Thin, curvy, tall, short, outgoing, shy, serious, goofy, whatever you may be or not be, it's beautiful.  Each of us are unique beings, expressing in different ways, and THAT is beautiful!

Let's get real, I'm not here to tell you that I feel like "a unique being expressing in a different way" all of the time.  That would be a load of crap.  However, I will say that even when I don't feel beautiful, just knowing that I have choice, is beautiful to me.  Does that make sense?

I thought I would share 10 things that make me feel beautiful.  I would LOVE it if you would share in the comments section, too!

I feel beautiful...

  1.  When I'm laughing.
  2.  While I'm snuggling with Greg.
  3.  When I spend quality time with those I love.
  4.  During/after I exercise.  Kinda gross, but the more sweaty I am, the more beautiful I feel.
  5.  When I think happy, positive thoughts, and am centered and grounded in doing so.
  6.  When I spend time in nature's beauty.  ESPECIALLY at the beach.
  7.  When I eat healthy foods that nurture my body.
  8.  When I'm living/speaking/thinking authentically from the heart.
  9.  When I accomplish something I'm really passionate about.
  10.  When I love, and feel loved.

So, for me, while I may not recognize that I am beautiful 100% of the time, looking at this list I know that I am.  And guess what, so are you!

Okay beauties, now it's your turn to share when you feel beautiful.  Tell me, tell someone else, or just tell yourself, because you are GORGEOUS!

Have a beautiful weekend!

xo.  Jen