Happy Monday!  Did everyone have a nice weekend?  Mine was fun, relaxing, and full of organizing, prepping, and cleaning (which I LOVE)!  Do you love cleaning as much as I do? photo 1Friday was National Sibling Day, so I posted this silly photo of my brothers and I, circa 1994. My parents would play some fun dance music (think C+C Music factory), and we would put on some "stylish" clothes, dance, and pose for the camera.  I have so many fun memories of those times.  Love my family!

photo 3Friday evening was a friends birthday at Yard House.  Em met me early, and we had a celebratory drink (she got some really exciting news!!!), then we met up with our friends.  It was so much fun!

photo 2P.S.  I was really proud of myself for styling my hair on Friday.  I even sent the photo to my stylist!  Ha!

photo 4

photo 5Saturday was spent organizing, with an impromptu lunch at Mai's. We had our usual (shared fresh shrimp spring rolls, and veggie phở).  So amazing, as always!  Also, they give you so much, that the leftovers are even better.  Of course mine is extra spicy!  :)

photo 2Sunday we really did a lot of organizing, planning, and cleaning.  I spent two hours meal prepping, too. I made egg muffins, hard boiled eggs, a few types of Mason jar salads, as well Greek GF pasta salad (the two latter will be on the blog this week).  I even cooked a whole chicken for Greg to eat throughout the week (which this vegetarian will most likely will not do again).

It was a great weekend!  Tell me about yours!

xo.  Jen