Hello there loves!  I have taken a bit of time off from writing on the blog, and I sure did miss it! I'll be letting you know later this week WHY.  Super awesome stuff!  :) How was everyone's weekend?  Mine was sooo amazing!  I spent Thursday through Sunday in NYC with two of my good friends, Paige and Simi, who also happen to be AMAZING health coaches.  Have you seen their life changing program Finally Free?  It's seriously a game changer. Anyway, today I am here to share my trip in photos, and tomorrow I'll be sharing all the yummy food we ate (and where we got it).  Soooo good!

photo 1Paige, Simi, and I.  How beautiful is this window display?

photo 2Spring has officially sprung in NYC.  Gorgeous, huh?

photo 3Washington Square Park is my favorite spot in NYC.  It's absolutely stunning.

photo 1 (2)My girls, and I.

photo 5

photo 5 (2)Love always wins!  This is called in "love wall."

photo 3 (2)Another Washington Square Park goodie.

photo 4 (2)Enough said.  :)

photo 2 (2)

photo 4

photo 2 (3)My first time in Central Park.  All I expected, and so much more.

photo 1 (3)Until next time.  P.S.  JetBlue is the way to go!  Amazing flight!

Tomorrow I will be back to share more about food, and the amazing cafes and restaurants we ate at.  So good, and so intuitive!  Yay!

xo.  Jen