Good morning!  Yesterday I shared part of my trip in NYC with photos, and today I am going to share lots of the yummy eats we had in NYC, and WHERE we had them. I believe in intuitive eating.  I have written about this in the past, but basically what that means to me, is that I eat what my body is wanting (whether that is a kale salad or a popsicle).  What it also means to me, is that I listen to my body when she is full, know there is always enough if I want more in the future.  I will definitely be sharing more about intuitive eating, as well as my own personal journey in the future.  For now, follow along to see my intuitive NYC eats below...

photo 1On Thursday evening we had dinner plans, but wanted a small bite to hold us over before hand. We headed to The Little Prince where we shared a delicious avocado tartine, and a crispy kale, butternut squash & quinoa salad.  So good!  You can also see my cocktail (called The French Intervention) which had jalapeño tequila, pineapple and cilantro.  Mmm...

After our appetizers, we met up with friends at Hundred Acres for dinner.  I didn't take any photos, but had cornmeal crusted catfish for dinner.  It was delicious, and had a great southern flare.

photo 2

photo 2 (2)On Friday morning we headed to Hu Kitchen for an amazing paleo breakfast.  I had a coconut matcha latte and a mash bowl, which had grain-free granola, cashew cream, almond butter, and kiwi.  This is definitely something that I want to recreate!  Also, I brought that divine salty chocolate bar home for Greg myself, and am sharing with Greg.  Ha!

Lunch that day was at a delicious vegetarian restaurant called Quantum Leap.  Paige and I both had a quesadilla (which we should have split).  Yum!

photo 3Dinner was at Cafe Clover, which happens to be super adorable!  I wasn't too hungry, so I had two small sides.  One was a kale salad with blood oranges, and the other was olive oil potato puree.  Can we say OMG?!  My mouth is watering just thinking about them.

photo 4Saturday morning was a simple brekkie of a soy latte and a almond croissant at Stumptown Coffee.  Not only do they make beautiful lattes, but they make a mean cuppa' joe.  My kind of coffee!

Lunch on Saturday was a Mexican salad bowl at Dos Toros (similar style to Chipotle), with amazing habenero salsa.

photo 5...followed up by Popbar.  I am so excited that I finally got to try this place!  I had a pistachio gelato popsicle dipped in dark chocolate, covered in pistachios.  It was like a you-know-what in your mouth.  Just sayin'... ;-)

For dinner, Simi met up with a friend, and Paige and I went to Whole Foods for dinner.  Side note: this was a three story Whole Foods, which to me is heaven.  Okay, I digress...I had an amazing dinner of dirty rice, vegan meatballs, and collard greens, per the suggestion of two employees.  I am SO glad I did, because it was freaking amazing.

photo 1 (2)Sunday morning we met up with a friend at The Butcher's Daughter for brunch.  We got to sit outside and people watch (a favorite past time of mine), as well as enjoy delicious yumminess.  I had smashed curried avocado with poached eggs on grain bread, with potato hash.  How good does that sound?  We all shared a mixed berry vegan-GF muffin, too.

Paige and I had Italian (me a spinach stromboli, her a caprese slice of pizza, and a salad to share) at the airport on the way home.  Even THAT was amazing!

If you haven't noticed, I love food.  Food is love, but it's not all there is.  I have such an appreciation for the conversations, walks, laughs, and good times I had with my girlfriends. That, is love.

What restaurants or special spots do YOU love in NYC?  I'd love to hear!

More this week!

xo.  Jen