I'm backkk!  I've missed blogging!  Hope you're all doing well!  Today I am going to recap my long Memorial Day weekend, mainly in photos.  Later this week I am going to share about what has been going on in my life, and fun upcoming changes. Yay! Plus, I have an amazzzzing and super simple recipe for you guys on Thursday. Ready for the recap?  Let's go! photo 1Friday evening was super mellow at the house.  My Mom, Greg, and I relaxed and chatted in the living room with wine, books, and small bites.  So nice after a long week! This was a salad I made, twice this weekend because it was so good! Greens, pepitas, sunflower seeds, pear, blue cheese, and a few dried cranberries.  Mmm!

photo 2Saturday started off relaxing with a cup of coffee, followed by getting my hair done (love fresh blonde and a trim), then getting professional photos taken for the blog.  This was so much fun, and I'm excited to see how they turned out.  Once I have them, I'll share!  Saturday evening we had dinner at friends' house, which was so nice.  I made an apple crisp, which I didn't take a photo of because it was getting gobbled up.  Ha!

photo 2

photo 1

photo 5Sunday, Greg and I had the nicest day-date!  We had coffee at Palermo in Ventura, then drove up the coast to Summerland, where we landed at one of my favorite places: A Sacred Space!  It is a metaphysical store with stunning, lush gardens, a pond, and lots of places to sit and just breathe.  If you have never been here, it is a must.  So relaxing, beautiful, and full of magical, beautiful items.  I love it!  The above are all photos from there.

photo 4Yesterday, Memorial Day, started off with one of my favorite, and most simple breakfast's: eggs with Sriracha and toast (half with butter, the other half with peanut butter).  Mmm!

photo 1Greg and I spent the majority of the day in my parents backyard doing yard work.  It was great to use our bodies and get some sun (I got a little too much, ouch!).  Greg finished putting in a huge planter box that my Dad had already built, and I built a circular herb garden out of brick for my Mom.  They both turned out great, and we were so happy to help!  This was a photo of me after I was all cleaned up!

photo 3Late afternoon we had a BBQ with some friends and family for Memorial Day.  Here is my lovie Emma and I.  We both have had so many new and exciting changes going on in our lives, and haven't been able to get together as much as we would like, so it was SO nice to hang for a bit yesterday.  Love you, Em!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, and I am looking forward to writing more this week.  Thanks for support!

xo.  Jen