Good morning!  Wow, I have missed blogging!  I've missed my readers, too!  Hope you are all having a beautiful day!  We are fully moved in, unpacked (that happened in 2 days, ha!), and adjusting to our new adventure in Pasadena.  I will talk more about that in upcoming posts, but we are doing well! As for today, I have a simple Weekend Recap to ease back into the swing of things.  Stay tuned, because later this week I have some fun posts, including an AWESOME giveaway! Here's a peek into my weekend...

1Friday evening Greg and I walked around Pasadena, where I ended up getting this refreshing, light, and absolutely delicious cocktail.  It had fresh watermelon juice, jalapeño, sparkling water, and gin.  It was soooo good!

2Saturday morning we packed up the car, and headed to Ventura.  I had mock panels for my upcoming Practitioner license, and we were also visiting for Father's Day.  We stopped at Urth Caffe in Pasadena on our way out, where I got a yummy juice (beet, ginger, carrot, celery) and the most delicious bread-pudding muffin.  I ate about 1/2 of it in the car, and saved the rest.

3Saturday evening after my panels, we had family over (at my 'rents house), where we chatted, ate tapas, and sipped light cocktails.  I made this yummy, light, and refreshing grapefruit (fresh) and vodka drink.  It has been so warm lately, that this was perfect!


photo 1

photo 2Sunday morning I made a special Father's Day breakfast for my Dad and Greg (and everyone else).  I made two type of egg dishes (one vegetarian, and one with sausage), a big platter of fruit, and some foccacia bread (thank you TJ's).  The roses are from my parents' garden.  So pretty!  It was a delicious breakfast, filled with love.

photo 3In honor of Father's Day, my dad and I.  I was about three.  :)

After breakfast, we went to church, then out to lunch with Greg's son.  I didn't take any pictures, but I always love being around the two of them.  So much love!

photo 4Sunday afternoon before we left, mom and I planted a bunch of herbs (basil, peppermint, dill, cilantro, and chives), tomatoes, and re-planted a ficus tree that she and my dad bought Greg and I.  We also bought a hanging strawberry plant.  So excited!  Here is a peek at our patio after I put everything out there.  Minus the AstroTurf, isn't it cute?  Ha!

Really glad to be back at it!  Thanks so much for reading, and stay tuned this week for more fun/new stuff!

xo.  Jen