Good morning!  Hope your morning is going well!  A little over a week ago my Mom, Aunt Kathy, and I went to Glen Ivy Hot Springs to celebrate my Mom's birthday.  If you have never been there, Glen Ivy is like a magical tropical oasis (AKA: day spa).  It's become a tradition for the three of us to go together, and it is always a special time for me.  Quality time with two of my favorite people + self-care = Complete joy! I thought I would share some photos and how each one bring me quality self-care.  Self-care can look differently for each person, so this may not be your idea of a good time.  Ha!

photo 1Sunning by the pool reading a fun, light book.  This not only helps my body relax (vitamin D), but it also inspires me with fun ideas!

photo 2Sipping a refreshing, fun beverage (in my case a Bloody Mary).  This isn't something I would have on a regular basis, so it brought me joy, and felt special.

photo 3Wearing something I normally wouldn't, because it is a special day.  It's barely noticeable in the photo, but I wore a faux gold tattoo to the spa.  Just a lil' something extra for sparkle!

photo 4Mindful meditation.  Glen Ivy has a beautiful labrynth, which I mindfully walked at the end of the day, while repeating a mantra.  This was so peaceful.

These are just a few ways in which I like to take a little extra care of myself, while really being present.  So nice!  What type of things do you like to do for self-care?

xo.  Jen