Good morning!  Hope this day is treating you all well!  Holy moly, y'all loved yesterday's post on How I Shop at Trader Joe's!  Did you find it helpful?  I hope so! Last week I posted a photo on IG (which you should totally follow for fun photos, tips, quotes, and cute pics of Charlie) of these super simple fish tacos that I made for dinner.  Side note: this won't be the first fish taco recipe I've shared on The HHB, did you see this one from a while back, too?  Anyway, I've had several people ask me for the recipe, so today I am sharing it!  If I'm being totally honest, I'm almost embarrassed by how easy it is.  Seriously, four-ingredient easy!  Ha!  But, I love simple, so here we go!

Cilantro Fish Tacos, serves 2 1/2 people <---Greg eats more that I do, so he had 3 tacos, and I had 2.  :)

1 package (about 3/4 lb.) Wild Alaskan Cod, fresh or thawed 1/2 package of TJ's broccoli slaw 1/4 c. cilantro dressing 5 corn tortillas

Optional toppings:

Avocado or guacamole Cilantro Tomatoes, diced Red onion, diced Salsa and/or hot sauce Sour cream Lime wedge

The photos above are the slaw and dressing I get from TJ's (of course).

Simply pan grill the fish on medium heat, in about a tbsp. of oil (I used toasted sesame oil, but use what you have).  When fish starts to get a nice golden color, start breaking it up into large pieces.  This helps when placing in the tortillas.

While the fish is cooking, toss the slaw and dressing together, and heat up the tortillas.

Place tortillas on plate, add fish, scoop on slaw, and top with additional toppings of choice. Easy-peasy!

Doesn't that look delish?  I served them with a side of rice, and some sparkling water with lime. So light and refreshing!  Also, after thawing the fish, it took about 8 minutes to make TOTAL.  Love that!!

Think you'll make these?  Take a photo and tag The HHB if you do! :)

xo.  Jen