Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Was it exciting, mellow, or a mix of both?  As I mentioned on Friday, mine was jam-packed, but SUPER fun!  Greg, Kanan, and I got to spend lots of quality time together over the weekend, and it was so great!  I have lots of photos today, but I'll also do a brief spiel, too! :) photo 1

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photo 3The weekend started with us walking to get sushi on Friday night.  It was delicious, and super fresh.  Yum!  It ended with another walk, and a cuddle sesh before bed (just Charlie and I)! :)

photo 3Saturday morning I made cinnamon rolls.  Now, if we're getting technical, I really wanted cinnamon rolls, but G + K LOVE them, so it was a win-win-win for everyone! :)

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photoAfter breakfast, we headed downtown (LA).  We went walked through Olvera Street (where the succulent wall is), China Town, and ended up at MOCA.  I love MOCA, because not only does it have amazing contemporary art, but it houses my favorite piece of all time: Jackson Pollack's Number 1.  This piece inspires me each I am see it.  Some may see a splattered mess, but I see beauty.

photo 2

photo 1After MOCA, we went to Homegirl Café, where I had the amazing Angela's Green Potion (lime, mint, and spinach) and chilaquiles (my fave).  Homeboy Industries was founded by Father Gregory Boyle, and his organization's mission is to assist former gang members, by redirecting their lives and providing jobs.  It's a wonderful organization!  I have read Father Gregory's book Tattoos on the Heart, and completely recommend it!

Also, if you live in southern California, you know how flippin' hot it was this weekend (98 degrees in downtown LA), so ideally, we probably could have picked a better weekend to walk around, but oh well!  We sipped iced tea and water all day, and had fun regardless!

photo (1)Saturday evening we went to dinner, where we sat outside and listened to live music, and chatted.  So fun!  I ordered this heirloom beet salad and a glass of rosé (sorry for the blurry/dark pic).  So refreshing!

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photo 4Sunday we went to the USC Pacific Asian Museum, which is in Pasadena.  It was our first time there, and while it isn't huge, it is awesome!  My favorite piece was the Bodhisattva above. Beautiful!  Also, the garden area is gorgeous!  It has the sweetest koi pond that I just loved! Afterwards we had Chinese food.  Great fortune, huh?

Sunday ended with my Mom stopping by for a short visit (always love that), a trip to TJ's, and Greg and I relaxing watching Whiplash (which I highly recommend).  While it was a really busy weekend, I feel full, relaxed, and ready to start my week!

xo.  Jen