Good morning! How was your weekend?  Relaxing?  Full of excitement?  Maybe something else?  Mine was a mix of fun, and leisure time.  I ate lots of yummy food, walked around our town, relaxed at the house, and enjoyed spending quality time (primary food) with loves ones. Love that! Friday evening we stayed in and relaxed.  We both had a busy week, so it was nice to just lounge around with no agenda.  I caught up on some reading, too!

photo 1Saturday morning we had the yummiest breakfast.  I made my version of an "Egg McMuffin" with a side of strawberries.  Sourdough English muffin, Swiss cheese, OM egg, faux sausage, avocado, sliced tomato (from our garden), and Sriracha.  Holy moly, it was delicious!

After breakfast Greg and I ran errands (TJ's and Target) and straightened up the house before Sally and Kevin came to visit.  S & K are pretty much like family to us, so we were really excited to have them for the weekend!

photo 2

photo 3

photo 4When they arrived, we chatted for a bit, then headed to Old Town Pasadena for lunch at Le Pain Quotidien.  This was our first time here, and it was amazing!  I had the Salmon Tartine with avocado.  So delicious, light, and beautiful.  Perfect for Summer!  We all also shared a Watermelon-Cucumber juice, and a Banana-Fig Muffin.  Yum!

After lunch we went to my favorite place in Pasadena, Vroman's Bookstore.  We had coffee, and wandered for quite a bit.  Don't you just love bookstores?  I could spend hours there (and have).

photo 5Once we were done perusing the bookstore, we went home, chatted, and got ready for the evening.  We have a friend, Randy Johnson, who is an brilliant playwright, and he wrote and directed A Night With Janis Joplin.  Not only did it come to Pasadena, but it has been all over the country, and was even on Broadway.  Exciting, huh?  Anyway, we went and saw it!  It was absolutely INCREDIBLE!  I was blown away by all of the talent, and totally got all the feels!

photo 1Sunday morning, we lounged around the house, sipped coffee, and talked some more.  Such a great, cozy morning!  After breakfast we walked around town, went into some shops, and had lunch at Real Food Daily.  This is quickly becoming my favorite restaurant in Pasadena.  Think: vegan, organic, non-GMO, and lots of allergy-friendly options.  The food is DELICIOUS!  I got a breakfast burrito, which came with tempah "bacon," and a side of fruit.  So much yumminess....Mmm.

photo 2After lunch, we wandered some more, then said our goodbyes to S & K.  For the remainder of the day we napped, did house stuff, and I colored in my new Mid-Century Modern adult coloring book (one of my favorite past times).  Do any of you love coloring as much as I do? It's so therapeutic.

So, what did you do this weekend?  Gimme all the deets!

xo.  Jen