Good morning, beauties!  Can you believe it is already September 1st? Holy cow, this year is zipping on by!  The beginning of the month (actually the beginning of anything) always feels like a fresh start to me.  Does anyone else feel this way?  As I was driving yesterday morning I noticed that our local community college started back up, and it was so sweet to see all the new students walking around with their new books and fresh perspective.  I always loved the start of school.  Mainly because I loved picking out new school supplies.  Fun pens, art supplies, notebooks, and anything stationary related is definitely my jam!  :)



I came across this beautiful print on Pinterest, and it screamed through my iPhone and said "YES! This is spot on!."  Does this hit home for any of you?  Maybe it's a bit confusing?  Well, I want to talk about seeking within a bit today.

Seeking within to me means that when something comes up for me where I may not have the answer (sometimes that may seem confusing, frustrating, anxious, joyous, pleasurable, or any other feeling), that is usually when I need to listen to myself the most.  I know for myself, that when I close my eyes, take a deep breath, and really center myself, the answer usually arises. Sometimes the answer comes quickly, sometimes it takes weeks, and sometimes it feels like it is never going to come.  For me, I look at my intuition as a guiding light, as it rarely ever leads me in the wrong direction.  Can anyone relate to this?

I AMTying into seeking within, last week I shared about affirmations, and The Power of I AM (plus a FREE printable).  Did you see it?  If not I would suggest reading it, as it is along the same line.  Say you want to be super successful and make a significant income so you can contribute to your family and have freedom to travel.  I think that's awesome!  But success (or whatever other aspiration) is not something that is "out there" for you to grab onto, it is something that is already within you.  YOU already have that success!  It's bubbling up inside you, waiting for you to tap into it!  So cool, right?!

So, the million dollar question do we tap into it?  Well, that is unique and completely individually based, but I can say that when I am completely present, embodying and expressing authenticity, and living my purpose, THAT is when I feel tapped in. THAT is when I receive the answers from the Universe.  THAT is when I recognize who I AM.

When do YOU feel "tapped in?"  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

xo.  Jen

P.S.  I have another fun surprise coming for ya'!  So excited for all the fun and new stuff coming to The HHB!  Woo hoo!