Happy Friday!  Yesterday we talked about how you can "Have your cake, and eat it too."  Did you see it?  If not, I would suggest you take a peek at it before your read this post.  :) A lot of you read yesterday's post, and I received quite a few emails saying how much it resonated with some of you, and how helpful it was.  With a holiday weekend coming up, often times this can bring up a lot of mixed emotions surrounding food.  I know in the past for myself, I would feel so anxious about going to a BBQ or party because how on earth was I supposed to enjoy a meal, when I was feeling guilty about it?  Have any of you ever felt this way? Next week we are going to talk a bit more about this, so if you have any questions, please let me know!

With all that being said, today I thought I would give you a little freebie that you can print out, and keep with you as a reminder to check-in with yourself if ever you feel stressed or anxious before you have a meal.  And always remember: be gentle with yourself.

AWARENESS CHECK-INDownload your free Awareness Check-In printable here.

I hope you have an awesome Labor Day weekend, doing exactly what sounds enjoyable to you! I will be back next Tuesday for my three-day weekend recap!

xo.  Jen

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