leaf-blur-leaves-ground-mediumHappy first day of autumn, friends!  Don't laugh, but the first day of autumn is definitely in my top 5 favorite days of the year (and that says a lot, because celebration is important to me).  I don't know what it is exactly, but the beginning of autumn brings me SO MUCH HAPPINESS! It feels like a fresh start, not to mention PUMPKIN SPICE EVERYTHING.  The other evening, in typical Jen fashion, I lit candles, put on French jazz, poured myself a glass of wine, and decorated for the season like I was channeling Martha Stewart.  So much fun!  Charlie followed me from room to room, wondering what his crazy mother was doing (Greg has become accustomed to my behavior, HA!). bench-forest-trees-path-mediumAnyway, last year I wrote a fun post about my love for Laura Ingalls Wilder, and this year I thought I would share my autumn intentions.  At the beginning of each year, season, and month I write down a list of intentions.  This is meant to be super simple and fun, yet intentional. Hence: intentions.  Take a peek below at my autumn intentions!

AUTUMNThe funny thing about my intentions, was that after I wrote them out, I realized they were all very different, and fell into different primary food categories (primary food being what fuels us, and secondary food being what what we eat).  I thought it was really interesting.  I highlighted in bold what popped out to me.  Do you think you'll write some autumn intentions?  If so, I would love, love, LOVE for you to share a few!

May you all have a beautiful day, followed by a beautiful season!

xo.  Jen

P.S. I'll definitely be posting some autumn-inspired recipes this season!