lake-nyon-eva-largeHi friends!  I'm jumping right into it today... I recently had a conversation with someone that left me feeling sad and helpless.  My humanness wanted to shower them with joy, and take all of their pain and sorrow away.  I wanted to go all Olivia Pope and fix the situation.   Honest moment: this has been (or used to be) a reoccurring theme in my life.  I'm maternal by nature, have a big heart, and truly want the best for every person I encounter.  This is not boasting, it is just who I am, and while it may all seem well and good, my empathy has been a major fault at times.

Here's the thing though, the experiences of others, are not mine to fix.  Why, you may ask?  We are not broken, so we do not need to be fixed.  Perhaps the experience that arises is there for a reason. Now, before you say "Jen, you're so woo-woo," stick with me.  Perhaps the experiences that challenge us the most, are the ones that we grow the most from?  Or maybe these experiences are where we can gain the most healing and clarity from?  I know for myself this is completely true, because it has happened (way more than once, too)!  Has it ever happened to you?

I also know (from my own experiences), that sometimes while we are going through the muck of it, it doesn't feel like growth or healing.  It feels like crap, and it feels like it will never change. This is where being gentle with yourself is sooooo important.  Listening to not only your mind and your body, but also your spirit.  What if your spirit saying?  To slow down, have some alone time, connect with those you love, or something else?

If you're on the other end, and you are the one that is listening, be gentle with yourself, too. This is part of why I became a health coach and a spiritual practitioner.  Instead of fixing people (because AGAIN, we are not broken), I help others see the truth of who they really are.  The truth is, we are all perfect.  Their truth is already there, I just assist them on their own path of growth and healing, and it's a beautiful, magical thing.

Did this resonate with you?  I'd love to hear your thoughts on this topic.   Also, if you are "in the muck of it," this is a great opportunity to reach out for a complimentary consultation.  Lots of hugs and love to each of you!

xo.  Jen