Good morning!  How was your weekend?  Mine was great!  I'll tell you all about it, but first I want to share the purpose behind why I do a "Weekend Recap."  The main reason is because I love the idea of sitting back and giving gratitude for the special times that I have, and get to share with others.  Whether it is a specific event, or just a yummy meal, it's all special to me. The second reason is that I don't share too much of my personal day-to-day life during the week, so it's fun to do a recap of what went on over the weekend. Okay, on to the weekend!

photo 1Friday evening was spent at home, turning the living room into a movie theater.  :)  We have an extra futon mattress that we brought out with a bunch of fluffy pillows and blankets, put on our pj's, and totally vegged.  It was so awesome to just relax!  I made stove-top popcorn (so simple) for us later, and we watched The Newsroom (our current fave).photo 3

photo 4

photo 2Saturday morning we all took a nice walk to Peet's for coffee, and ended up getting a bagel next door.  So weird, because normally I am not a bagel person (too much grain), but this is now the second time a bagel sounded perfect.  And it was!  I got a plain bagel with lox and all the fixings. So delicious!

photo 5For lunch we had the best salads!  So yummy!

photo 1

photo 2Saturday night we went to the Foo Fighters concert with friends.  They were given tickets (AMAZING seats) and asked us to go.  The show was absolutely incredible!  Definitely the best concert I have ever been to (and I've been to my good share).  We jammed, danced, and had the best time.  I feel really grateful!

photoSunday morning was spent doing a few things around the house and making a TJ's run.  My bestie Emma came to visit in the afternoon, and we had such a nice time chatting, sipping champagne, and having tostadas (her fave of all my dinner recipes, HA!).  Too funny, because we had matching manicures unbeknownst to us!  :)

All in all, another fabulous weekend!  May you all have a lovely week!

xo.  Jen