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Meet Raven Pinsker!  Raven and I have been friends for quite some time.  We met at our spiritual center when we were about 13/14 years old, and instantly became friends.  Well, let me just say, that while yes, she is stunning, her heart of gold and kind spirit is what I adore most about her! Raven is a professional make-up artist that uses her creativity to enhance the inner and outer beauty that we all naturally embody.  I asked Raven to join us today, because she is SUCH a HHB gal!  She is all about empowering women, and raising the beauty consciousness.   I am so excited to have her here for all of you learn more about her, and her biz.  Take a peek below to learn more about Raven!

Q + A

Q + A

Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

RAVEN: I am a Professional Makeup Artist, certified by The Academy of Makeup and Fashion in Canoga Park, California. ♥  I’ve been doing makeup free-lance for about two years with focus on Bridal, Print and Special Events.

RP - Full Logo Final

RP - Full Logo Final

Q: What inspired you to become a make-up artist?

R: Empowering women.  In my personal experience as a woman, mother and Makeup Artist, I find most women (myself included) too easily focus on what we don’t like about ourselves, feel defined by those “flaws” and perhaps even apologize for them.  As women, we are naturally powerful, and can inadvertently allow our self-proclaimed imperfections to define our self-image and confidence.   What inspires me is the ability to remind women of their beauty and to bring their beautiful features to light.   That is empowering. :)

raven quote 1

raven quote 1

Q: If applicable, how is your relationship with make-up different now, than it was when you were in high school?

R: To put it very kindly, I was a makeup catastrophe in high school.  I saw makeup as a way to hide from my perfectionistic insecurities and low self-esteem.  I was the biggest critic of my own appearance, not willing to accept that although my features are different, they are beautiful in their own way.   Instead, my method was, the more makeup, EVERYWHERE, the better.  I used makeup to define me versus letting it enhance the natural beauty I had hiding behind it.

I think the biggest change in my relationship with makeup since high school, has been; me.  It took me time to discover my beauty, strength and positive self-image.  Today I use makeup to highlight the features I love most about myself, which would be my eyes, lips and cheek bones.  I feel great on the inside and want that to reflect on the outside.  It’s really great fun.

Q: Why do you love make-up, and what do you feel like it does to the person wearing it?

R: I love makeup because it’s an amazing tool for self-expression. It gives you control over the planes of your facial structure, manipulates how light and shadows hit your face, and can overall enhance the beautiful facial features we all have in one form or another.

It’s the most rewarding confirmation that I’m doing my life’s purpose when a client says to me, “I never knew I could look this beautiful” or “I never knew my eyes were that color!”  I think when women wear makeup they feel empowered and validated that they are amazing, and their features celebrated.



Q: How do you show yourself radical self-love?

R: Loving and accepting myself through my journey, the ups the downs and the imperfections along the way.  Knowing there is a reason why I strongly advocate self-love and empowerment for women from the inside out; as it is a chapter I can close with confidence and help others do the same.

Q: What is your favorite self-care regimen?

R: Taking the time to be centered no matter what life throws my way – trusting and always living from a place of gratitude for my soul’s journey and life’s blessings.

Q: When do you feel the most beautiful?

R: Raising my beautiful daughter, and doing girly things. :)

Q: Do you have a spiritual practice?  If so, describe it.

R: Not specifically, it’s more of a state of mind and a trust in a higher power.

Q: What does a Happy, Healthy Balance look like to you?

R: Doing in life what makes you the most fulfilled and happy! :)

Q: Where can we find you?


TOP 10

TOP 10

1. What is the last meal you cooked?

R: Lemon Chicken.

2. Favorite food?

R: Pasta.

3. Favorite way to indulge?

R: Staying in bed all day.

4.  What is your favorite way to move your body?

R: I love Pilates!

5. Who is your girl crush?

R: Huda Heidi Kattan.

6. What is your spirit animal?

R: Raven?

7. What is one of your favorite quotes?

R: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.”

raven quote 2

raven quote 2

8. What would you name the autobiography of your life?

R: Beyond Beauty

9. What is the best gift (material or not) that you’ve ever received?

R: My daughter.

10. What is your wish for the world?

R: Trust.

I hope you all enjoyed reading this interview with Raven, as much as I enjoyed asking her the questions!

xo.  Jen