photo-7Happy Friday, loves!  I'm super excited that tomorrow is Halloween, but also bummed that it's the last day of October (where the heck did this month go?!).  In honor of Halloween, I was going to share a new dessert and/or candy recipe, but decided to re-post my Dark Chocolate Almond Butter Cups.  Why mess with a good thing, right?  Plus, they are one of my top viewed recipes, and something I make often, so just in case you haven't seen them before, I thought I'd share again.  SOOOO easy, and SOOOO delicious!  ALSO, you can see several costumes from years past.  :) photo-4-21Here's the recipe.

photo-5-21Are you going to dress up for Halloween, or stay cozy at home?  This year we're going to a party.  I'll give you cos07tume deets on Monday.  Any excuse to be festive and dress-up is a fun time to me! :)

Have a great weekend!

xo.  Jen