affirmation 1Happy Wednesday, beauties!  How is your morning going?  Yesterday I shared this affirmation on Instagram (side note: you should follow me there, as I post inspiring messages, meal ideas, and more).  I love affirmations, and often times come up with them while I am meditating, or just throughout the my day.  This helps set my intention for the day, and I love repeating them as necessary.  Every so often I will be sharing them here, too.  :) tedAs much as I love affirmations, today I am going to be sharing some of my most favorite TED Talks with you.  Do you ever listen to TED Talks?  I find them incredibly inspiring and uplifting!  For those not familiar with TED (Technology, Entertainment, and Design), they are a nonprofit organization that spreads ideas in the form of short (I think 20 minutes or less) talks. The speakers are well-versed in their topic, and range anywhere from authors to CEO's to engineers to athletes to school teachers, and everyone in between.

For your viewing and listening pleasure I compiled a list of My 7 Favorite TED Talks.  Take a peek below!

1. Brené Brown: The power of vulnerability

My favorite Ted Talk to date.  Brené is witty, courageous, and simply amazing.  She shares her own personal story of vulnerability, and her quest to share it with humanity.  So good! #fangirl

2. Meg Jay: Why 30 is not the new 20

Whether you are a twenty-something or not, this is a great message on being present at any age.

3. Elizabeth Gilbert: Your elusive creative genius

I love Elizabeth Gilbert!  This is a very touching, and thought provoking talk.  Gilbert speaks about how we all have a genius within.

4. Amy Purdy: Living beyond limits

Amy is so inspirational!  She has such motivation and courage, and shares her wisdom of darkness and light in such a powerful way.

5. Susan Cain: The power of introverts

As an introvert myself, I connected deeply with Susan's words.  Her passion is evident as she shares the talents and traits that introverts possess.

6. Ken Robinson: Do schools kill creativity?

I remember this being one of the first Ted Talk's I ever watched.  I was blown away with Ken's humor, passion, and honesty.  What he shares is profound, and really makes you think.

7. Meaghan Ramsey: Why thinking you're ugly is bad for you

As a health coach and self-love advocate, I could not promote this talk enough!  Meaghan speaks candidly about the harmful impacts of negative thinking, and poor self-image.  This would be a great talk to share with everyone, especially young girls.

Do you have a favorite TED Talk?  Share with me!  I love to listen to new ones!

xo.  Jen