Good morning, friends!  Did everyone have a nice holiday weekend?  Mine was really great, but I have to admit, it was really difficult to wake up this morning.  I was sleepy! photo 5My weekend started on Wednesday at noon (my office closed early), which was SO nice!  I ran errands that day, and started prepping for Thanksgiving.

photo 4

photo 1Thanksgiving was amazing!  We hosted, but it was a total group effort food wise.  Everything was delicious!  Here is a photo of our group on Thanksgiving.  My Mom and Dad accidentally got cut out of the group photo, but there is a cute one of them to make up for it.  :)

photo 2

photo 1Friday we went to Ventura, and completely relaxed at my parents house all day.  It was just what we all needed!  Saturday morning I met some girlfriends for coffee and a beach walk.  It was a gorgeous day, but the conversation was even better.  Isn't quality time with friends the best?!

We had a memorial service to attend on Saturday afternoon, and while it was very sad to lose a loved one, the service was beautiful.  I was so happy to have been there.

photo 3After the service I had an appointment to get my hair done.  I cut 8 inches off!!!  This is a huge deal for me, as I've had long hair for years.  I loved my long hair, but I am totally digging the short, simple cut.  So bouncy and fun!

photo 2 Sunday was church, then afterwards we all went downtown to do some small business shopping.  So fun!  After that, we headed back to Pasadena to unpack, and unwind.  As you can see, Charlie was quite chilly when we got home!  HA!

All in all, it was a FABULOUS holiday weekend!  I hope you all had a great one, and know how very grateful I am for each and every one of you!

xo.  Jen