Good morning, lovies!  First of all, congrats to Jamie M. for winning the Miracles Now Affirmation Cards in Week 2 of my Holiday Giveaway!  I will be in touch with you soon!  I have to admit, I feel a bit like Oprah when doing these giveaways.  One for YOU, one for YOU, one for YOU...SO much fun!  I'll be announcing Week 3 in a special post tomorrow. I recently had two people on two separate instances come into my home and say something along the lines of, "Your place always looks so clean/organized and decorated/styled, can you come to my house and help me?"  While these are very sweet compliments, I will be the first to say that I am not an interior designer, nor does my home always look amazing.  But honestly, I prefer my home to look lived-in.  If it looked like a museum, nobody would feel comfortable. Including myself!

In regards to the clean/organized aspect, yes, I like things organized.  It's in my nature, and I feel more relaxed when things are in their place.  Plus, it is SO.MUCH.EASIER to keep things tidy, if everything has a designated place (yes, very Marie Kondo, I know).  I have a post about staying organized here.

When it comes to "design and decor," I move and rotate things around a lot (got that from my mama), and only purchase/keep items that feel good to me and bring me happiness.  Also, it really helps that Greg and I have similar taste, because that makes it so much simpler when deciding on a purchase or decision.

I love home stuff and could go on and on about it because I feel that if your home is a happy and safe space to be in, then you will thrive that much more (IE: have a happy, healthy balance).  But for today, I am sharing some simple tips to instantly jazz up your space to make it feel better!  Whether you live in a small studio, share a space with a roommate, or live in a Craftsman with your partner and kids, these tips are for anyone, and any space.  Let's dive in to some simple tips!

nature-flowers-white-plants-largeADD SOME GREENERY

Plants instantly bring more life (in the literal sense) into your home.  They brighten the space, add more oxygen, and help to bridge the line between the indoors and outdoors.  Plus, they are a simple way to decorate!  Can't decide what to put in the corner?  Add a plant!  HA!  Some of my faves are succulents (not cacti though), baby palms, spider plants, sansevieria (AKA mother-in-law tongue or snake plant), and ferns.


Fix the little things before they turn into major things!  Replace the bulb that went out, re-caulk the bathtub (wayyy easier than you may think), tighten screws, etc.


I love having music play in my home!  It makes the house feel full, and in general, music just makes me happy.  So turn on your record player or sync your Bluetooth to your iHome, and blast some tunes!




Candles are great way to bring softness and light to any space!  I also love to burn sage, light incense, and spritz essential oils around the house (1 part essential oil: 10 parts water).


Fluff the couch cushions and pillows, you'd be amazed at how much better they look!  Add some fun blankets, and you're good to go!


Unless it is 35° outside, open some windows, even if just for a few minutes.  The fresh air is a game changer!

numbers-time-watch-white-large10 MINUTE TIMER

I like to play this game, where I set a timer for 10 minutes and see how much I can get done.  I will usually do some or all of the following: take out the trash, dust, close the toilet lids, wipe down the counters, clean the mirrors, etc.  It's crazy how much you can get done in 10 minutes! Plus, when I am done I feel like I won the game, even if I was the only contestant.  Don't judge. Haha!

I hope these tips are helpful for you, and I would LOVE to hear some ways that you like to create feel-good vibes in your home.  Also, if you have any home related topics or thoughts that you'd like me to write about, let me know.  As you can see, I love this stuff!

xo.  Jen