Happy Wednesday, friends! anyone else still out of their routine from the holidays? Plus, with New Years in a few days, I feel like it may take a few extra days to recoup.  I'm totally okay with that though.  More time to focus on gentle self-care.  My fave!  Side note: was 2015 the quickest year yet?  Geesh! pexels-photo-12233-largeWith the new year upon us lots of folks like to set resolutions they want to attain for the upcoming year.  I really don't think anyone has ill-intent, in fact it is usually the opposite, when setting these said goals, but for me, they often seem super strict, and semi-unattainable.  Hear me out as to why...we (and I say WE because in the past I have sooooo been there) put so much pressure on ourselves to lose those 5 10 15 pounds, or get that super awesome promotion, or whatever.  Then, the moment we eat that donut, or make a simple mistake at the office, all goes out the window.  Doesn't seem very gentle or fair, now does it?

Instead, I like to look at the new year with intention.  What feels good to me?  Is there something that needs to be released?  What kinds of food and exercise bring me joy, rather than make me feel restricted?  Is there an area where I need to hold myself accountable?  Also, and this one is huge, if you skip over something, or don't make something happen, this is completely okay.   Be gentle on yourself, and know that everything unfolds exactly how it is supposed to.

coffee-cup-desk-pen-largeLast year I shared my list of intentions for 2015, and this was really fun for me.  Below is my list of intentions for 2016.  You'll notice that nothing is super specific, and this was on purpose. Normally, I find joy in the details (and still do), but this year, I am really going to try to focus on the broad picture and see what happens.  Right now, that feels good to me.  Again, I'm also allowing myself permission to change at any point in time.

Intentions for 2016Do you have any intentions for 2016?  Any rituals or things you like to do to start off the new year?  I'd love to hear your thoughts!

xo.  Jen

P.S.  I haven't decided if I am going to post on Friday (New Years day), or wait until Monday.  You'll have to check in and see!