Happy Friday!  I shared on social media the other day that my site was all wonky, and there was some type of system error.  It seems to be all fixed now, so that's a good thing!  Today I have a short and simple post for you, all about gratitude.

gratitude jarGratitude Jar from 2013

For the past several years I have been keeping a gratitude jar with Greg, and it is such a fun way to stay present and be thankful for all the little (and big) things in our lives.  Here is an example I shared last year.  It is SUPER simple!  Simply get a large jar (I use a half-gallon Mason jar), and through out the year write on a small piece of paper what you are grateful for, fold it, and stick it in the jar.  It can be anything from a really good meal, to your partners communication skills, to a vacation you went on.  We start it on January 1st of the year, and read the following January 1st.  It is a great way to bring in the new year, and it's also really fun to reminisce.

photo 2 Contents of 2015's Gratitude Jar

Do you have a gratitude jar?  Any traditions you and your family do?  I'd love to hear!  Have a wonderful weekend, and I'll see you Monday.

xo.  Jen