pexels-photo-largeHappy Friday, friends!  Do you ever feel like you're just in a funk?  Not necessarily in a "bad" mood, but just more feeling blah?  I felt like that the other day, so I thought it would be a good opportunity to share a few ways I like to experience more joy, and less blah. Side note: I feel like it is really important to feel your feelings, and tap into what is really going on.  It's one thing to need to delve deep and become introspective, and another to have a pick-me-up.  This list is for the latter.


This is definitely my go-to!  Whether it is going for a walk, taking a hike with a friend, or simply stepping outside for some fresh air, nature has a way of naturally perking you up.


We all know I am a huge proponent of self-care!  Some of my faves are: an at home spa session (manicure, facial, exfoliation, etc.), reading light material, getting a massage, meditating, simply sitting still and letting my mind wander.  Whatever you do, do it with love and care.


Creativity is one of the most fun ways to experience joy.  Often times people correlate creativity with being an artist, and while yes, that is definitely a form of creativity, it's not the only one.  For me, getting in the kitchen and cooking something nourishing is one of my favorite ways of expressing creativity.


Most importantly, check in with yourself.  Do you need more sleep?  Are you listening to your body?  Often times this will determine what I was talking about in the side note, too.

I hope this list was helpful for you.  What do you like to do experience more joy and less blah? I'd love to hear your tips!

xo.  Jen