Happy Friday, friends!  This week has been super busy for me, which is why I missed blogging on Wednesday.  I decided to give myself so extra self-care, and relax.  I'm so glad I did! Today I have some fun Friday favorites that I have been loving lately.  Join me!

  1. Greg sent me an early Valentine's Day succulent arrangement from Brad Larsen Florals, and it is absolutely stunning.  Every little detail is gorgeous!  Thank you honey, and thank you Brad for creating magic!
  2. This amazing article by my sweet friend Paige at Healthy Hits the Spotis so amazing!
  3. Homemade margaritas.  My simple recipe: 5 thinly sliced pieces of jalapeno, 1 part tequila to 2 parts fresh squeezed orange juice, 3 ice cubes.  Add to a cocktail shaker, and shake, shake, shake.  Pour over ice and ENJOY!  Mmmmm....
  4. Sprucing up our house.  Maybe it's an early spring cleaning (it has been in the high 80's lately) or just who I am, but I have been loving doing things around the house.  We recently bought a few new pieces of furniture for our bedroom, and I have been having so much fun beautifying others areas of our home, too!
  5. Bengee's Ice Cream here in Pasadena.  Holy moly, they seriously have the best vegan nice cream I have ever had.  I got 1/2 amaretto and 1/2 mint chip.  So good!  I even Yelped them!  Ha!


What have you been loving lately?  I'm almost ready to start a new book.  Any recommendations?  Have a fantastic weekend!

xo.  Jen

P.S.  I have a VERY special post on Monday.  Can't wait to share!