Happy Friday!  In honor of the glory that is Friday, I am bringing you five of my favorites. Again, these are just a few things I have been loving lately, and the range is all over the place. Enjoy!

  1. My new friend Meg at That Hummingbird Life launched her new podcast called Couragemakers this week, and it is so great!  I love the warning she gives her listeners--WARNING: This podcast contains courage, vulnerability and a desire to leave the world a brighter place than how we found it.  Great, right?
  2. Baked potatoes.  Simple, huh?  Growing up my Mom would make baked potatoes on the regular, and while I always really enjoyed them, they aren't something that I make very often.  Well, my taste buds got excited, because on our girls trip this past weekend we had a baked potato bar that was insanely delicious!  Baked potatoes are definitely on my meal list for next week, and I'm spicing them up with some guac and salsa!  YUM!
  3. This amazing post by my friend Paige at Healthy Hits the Spot.  Her new series "Open Up" is fantastic, authentic, and completely spot on.  Love it!
  4. Greg and I went to our favorite local bookstore this week, and I picked up several new books to keep me inspired.  All of them are great, and I am especially enjoying The Self-Acceptance Project: How to Be Kind and Compassionate Toward Yourself in Any Situation by Tami Simon.
  5. I'm excited to have a very flexible weekend!  I can foresee lots of reading, walking, and organizing.  My faves!

What are YOU loving lately?  Let me know!

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!  See you Monday!

xo.  Jen