Hi friends!  I wasn't going to share this because, in all honestly, I thought it was a bit of a downer.  But then I remembered what an open and safe space this is, and how grateful I am when people open up and are vulnerable with me.  So here it goes. Do you ever have those days where the weight of the world seems to be on your shoulders and in your heart?  Like no matter what you do, how much you volunteer, or what you give will ever be enough to heal the world?  I know, rather large expectations, but I've never been one to "think small."

Over the course of the last few weeks I have cried more than I have had in a while (I am currently crying, as I am writing about crying--OY).  Sure, some of the tears shed were while watching a movie, but most of them were for real, tragic, and sad things.  Such as the reality that people I love and care about going through heartbreaking situations, like cancer and other awful diseases.  Or that I just happen to "stumble upon" websites and organizations that share how there are a countless number of animals (dogs in particular) on the streets or in shelters, and many of them wont get a forever home, and sadly will be sent to their forever-forever home. Oh, and don't even get me started on the mixture of confusion and utter sadness I feel when I hear certain pseudo politicians speak about their presidential campaigns and the intentions they plan to execute once in office.

I finally got to the point where I couldn't think about any of this anymore, and just started to meditate/pray.  These were the questions that I went into meditation with: What do we do when we feel this way?  How can we cope when we want answers to the unexplained?  How can we take action?  Side note: I say "we" because we're all in this (life) together.

This was the answer I got to all three questions: LOVE.

Those four little letters were my answer to all three questions.  And isn't that how it usually is? Isn't love the common equalizer between all of us?  We are all capable of loving, and we are all capable of loving past our comfort zone too.  Loving strangers by giving a smile, loving our partners by spending more quality time with them, loving our bodies and treating them with kindness and respect,  loving people and circumstances we don't understand and meeting them with a compassionate heart.

While I may have wanted an answer that would immediately solve the sadness I was experiencing (like sell all of our worldly possessions, buy a huge plot of land, and adopt every animal that needed a home), I'm pretty happy with the answer I received.

Don't get me wrong, I will keep doing, keep volunteering, and keep giving.  But most importantly, I will keep loving, because there is always room for more love.

xo. Jen