Hi friends!  Today I am sharing something so special and close to my heart.  Many of you have already heard the news, but on Saturday, September 3rd, Greg asked me to marry him!  As expected, we are both over the moon and full of excitement and joy!  

Normally with something so deeply personal, I wouldn't share all of the details.  Mainly because for me, keeping some things sacred is really important to myself and my relationships.  While I still probably won't divulge everything, the more I was thinking about it, the more I wanted to document how we're both feeling during this time, and also how it all transpired.  This is such a special time, and I want to remember it forever. 

Here it goes...

The week prior to our engagement I had been really wanting to go to the beach that weekend (it had been over a week and I was starting to feel antsy, #beachbaby).  I wanted us to take Charlie, dip our feet in the ocean, search for sea glass, and have a light-hearted day.  It felt needed.  However, that weekend was Labor Day weekend, and as a Californian, I knew everyone and their mother would be at the beach that day.  So, my thought process was "we should go early in the morning and leave before anyone else gets there."  For whatever reason I thought I had told Greg this earlier in the week, but apparently didn't until Friday evening.  So that was our plan, to wake up, get ready, and head to the beach.

I should also mention that the night before, I went to one of my favorite shops, Betty Belts, and bought the cutest little wave ring that I had been wanting forever.  Greg was in the shop with me, and when I said "Isn't this cute?  I'm finally going to get it."  His response was, "I guess.  Do you really want it?"  I remember being a little surprised because he has never discouraged me from purchasing something I was excited about, and only ever has good things to say about this shop.  It was odd, but I ignored it and bought the ring anyway.

The next morning, we both coincidentally (not so random if you ask me) woke up early.  Like 5:45am on a Saturday early.  I joyously popped up from my pillow and said, "Let's pack up a blanket, get Corrales breakfast burritos, and go to the beach to search for sea glass now!"  I was excited!  His response?  "Easy there.  It's barely light out."  Greg later told me that he thought my best friend told me everything (as he told her his plan), and that's why I was so damn giddy.  Nope!  I knew nothing.  I'm just naturally that excited about the beach and breakfast burritos. Ha!

We eventually grabbed our stuff, picked up breakfast, and headed the beach.  Sans taking a shower, sans brushing my hair, sans a cute manicure, and definitely sans make-up.  I looked like what my mother and I describe as "filmy" (if you've seen Life of Something Like It, you'll get that reference).  

Me, before the proposal, giddy at the beach with my burrito and ring.  Haha!

Me, before the proposal, giddy at the beach with my burrito and ring.  Haha!

Once we got to the beach we laid down our blanket and ate our burritos, all while Charlie ran around having the time of his life.  We were the only people people on our beach, minus a lonely fisherman about 500 feet away.  I should have mentioned this before, but when I say "our" beach, it's because this particular beach is very close to our hearts.  It's a local beach, and if you don't live in Ventura, you most likely have never seen or heard of it.  It's where we bring Charlie, search for sea glass, and feel at home.  

While sitting on the blanket savoring my breakfast burrito, I looked over at Greg and said, "This is the BEST DAY EVER!  There is literally NOTHING that can top this day!  I am SO happy!"  In that moment Greg was thinking, "She knows.  How does she know?!  Why is she being so obvious?!"  Ha!

Anyway, we go on and search for sea glass, run up and down the beach with Charlie, and spend quality time together.  It really was a great morning.  I finally said to Greg, "Charlie is soaking wet and starting to itch from all the sand.  We should probably get going."  As you can see, I'm full of romance. Ha!  

As we started walking down the beach, we saw a large pod of dolphins and a few seals, to which Greg later told me that that was his "cue."  We walked a bit more, and the then conversation went a bit like this:

G: "Did you find any sea glass today?"  

J: "No, just the few rocks I gave you earlier.  What about you?"

G: Holding his hand out, "Yes, a few pieces."

J: I went to go look.  "REALLY??????????" (He had the ring nestled within the rocks)

He went on to romantically string these beautiful words together, while using an analogy to compare me to the beauty and uniqueness of sea glass.  

It was sweet, and wonderful, and sadly I was such a sobbing mess that I barely remember most of it.  In fact, it took me forever to just say "Yes."  But, I remember the feeling, and I remember the look on his face, and that's what matters most.  

Thank you for all of your love and support throughout our relationship, and into what will eventually be our marriage.  It truly takes a village, and you're all part of the village.