Hi friends!  I couldn't be more excited today if I tried!  You are looking at the brand new home of The Happy, Healthy Balance!  I put a lot of energy and time into coming up with the inspiration, style, and vibe of what I wanted each of you to see and feel when ever you came to this little nook on the internet.  All in all, I am really in love with the aesthetic, as well as all the new content and features!

A HUGE thank you to Rachel at Oh, Simple Joys for all of her work behind the new site.  It was really her that brought everything to life, and I am so grateful for her creativity!

Please take a peek around and let me know if you have any questions or feedback.  Also, as with life, we will be working through a few minor things in the next few days, but nothing so big that I didn't want to move forward today.  If you come across anything, please let me know!

Thank you for all of your support throughout the past [almost two] years!  I appreciate you all!

xo.  Jen