Happy Friday, beauties!  Today we are chatting about all of my current favorite things.  Feel free to take a peek in the archives to look at my past Friday faves. :)

  1. Greek yogurt with blueberries for breakfast.  Sweet, tart, filling, and full of protein and antioxidants.  YUM!
  2. My friend and fellow Health Coach Simi started a kick-ass YouTube channel!   It's all about freaking out less and living more.  So awesome!
  3. GT's Guava Goddess Kombucha.  Not only does this stuff taste delish and is great for your gut health, but it also gets me totally in the mood for summer! 
  4. This article from MindBodyGreen on teaching our daughters about body image.  I don't have a daughter, but I definitely soaked up the ideas for myself.
  5. Greg and I have been re-watching Friends on Netflix, and it is bringing me so much joy!  Yes, it is silly.  Yes, it's not totally relatable.  Yes, I've already watched the series completely through like four times.  BUT, it's still awesome, and I am still completely enjoying it.

What are you loving lately?  Give me the deets!  

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!  See you Monday!

xo.  Jen