Good morning, friends!  

Lately I have been re-reading Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff.  This book is truly incredible, and while I have mentioned it before, but I feel like I am picking up different bits of wisdom and insight with each page I turn.  I highly recommend it!

When life is tough and stressful, or when we make mistakes (which is bound to happen because we're human), the first thing many of us tend to do is beat ourselves up, or make ourselves wrong.  

I really love this quote by Kristin Neff, because it shows us how to look at the situation with a new set of glasses.  Does beating ourself up really help the situation?  No.  Does picking out every little comment that we said or action that we made make it better?  No.  Then lets look at it differently.

How can we show ourselves more kindness and compassion during a difficult time?  Maybe it's through seeking what we need in that moment, whether it be a quiet moment alone, picking up take-out on the way home from work, a hug from a friend, or something else.  Such food for thought, yes?  

I've found for myself that when I look within and see how I can provide comfort to my soul, (even if it is as simple as having Starbucks make my coffee for me), compassion sets in, and I tend to see the situation differently.  

What about you?  I'd love to hear how you show yourself kindness and compassion during times of need!

xo.  Jen  

P.S. Exciting stuff coming up at The HHB!  Stay tuned!