Happy Friday!  

I often get asked about my favorite books, and those I recommend to my clients, friends, and readers.  When I launched my new site, I created a separate drop-down folder for all of "My Faves."  This includes my favorite kitchen items, health & beauty products, cookbooks, and regular books.

The list of books is definitely the longest, so rather than sharing with you about each one, I am going to highlight a few to give you an idea, and tell you why I love them.  To learn more, click on the books link above, and you can see them all. :)

The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes - This is basically my mothership.  Holmes is the founder of Religious Science (aka Science of Mind), and this book has helped me in more words than I can possibly express.  This book is more of a teaching, of spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical nature.  I can honestly say, I would not be the person I am today without this book.

You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay - I grew up with "Auntie Louise" in many conversations.  My mother always had this book lying around, and anytime something physical would arise, be it anything from a sore throat to a stomach ache, we would look at the metaphysical meaning behind it.  Now, not to say there is or isn't any truth to that, but what I loved most were the positive affirmations that were given correlated to the specific ailment (still do).  I am a firm believer in the power of your thoughts and words, and I loved the deep conviction behind these affirmations.

Intuitive Eating by Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch - When I began seeing my own health coach a few years ago, she recommended this book to me.  This ended up being the core of what I formed my own health, as well as my health coaching business on: Intuitive Eating.  I highly recommend this book to many of my clients, as well as anyone that is interested in their own wellness journey.

Self-Compassion by Kristin Neff - I feel like I have been talking about this book a lot lately (I swear it's not sponsored, haha), but I truly LOVE it!  Everything Neff says is right on point, and she also provides such gentle words of wisdom and love.  So great!

Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert - This is a recent read, and I absolutely loved it!  I really enjoy the way Gilbert writes, as she intertwines so much feeling and emotion with her words.  This book sparked a lot of creativity within me, but also reaffirmed that we all have something creative within us (even if we don't think we do).

I hope you found these book recommendations helpful!  What are some of your favorite reads?  I'd love to hear!  Post in the comments or email me.  :)

xo.  Jen

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