Hi friends!  I've missed you!  Last week Greg, my bestie Emma, and I went to New Orleans for a little getaway.  We packed a lot into our four day trip, and had so much fun!  Have you ever been to NOLA?  It's definitely unlike anywhere else I have ever been, and I highly recommend visiting.  So much culture, history, and FOOD!

I will say, that the fried/sweet/heavy food is plentiful, however, that didn't mean I didn't listen to my body (intuitive eating), and choose to eat what felt best to me.  I totally did, and still ate whatever I wanted, which included lots of veggies, too!

Today I am going to share some of the restaurants we visited, and what I ate.  Let's begin!

Salmon Bene at The Ruby Slipper

We took a red eye from LAX, and landed super early the next day.  We slept for a few hours, then proceeded to begin our adventure of finding a spot for brunch.  We landed at The Ruby Slipper, where I had this smoked salmon bene and an iced coffee.  Super yummy and satisfying!  Side note: LOTS of cool beverages were consumed on this trip, since the weather was quite warm and humid (which we loved)!

Mid-day champs in our condo!

Our brunch lasted us all day, until we went to dinner at Cornet that evening.  I had the catfish with corn maque choux, crawfish, and micro greens.  This was SOOO yummy!  

Sucré for dessert!  The three of us shared these small desserts.  YUM!

As a rite of passage, early the next morning we went to Cafe Du Monde for beignets and coffee.  I'll be honest, this was not the right choice for me, but wanted to try it anyway.  Fried food doesn't sit well with me, and that proved to be true.  I had one beignet, and drank half of my frozen coffee.  By the way, the frozen coffee was amazinggggg!  THAT, I could drink all day!  Yum!


We did a long walking tour that morning, so later that day for lunch I was really ready for some greens!  We headed to Green Goddess where I had the Vegan Luau Creole Cuban (say that five times fast, haha) with a side of sesame veggie slaw.  the sandwich had tons of kale, arugula, Swiss chard, pineapple, and a Creole sauce.  This was DELICIOUS, and exactly what my body wanted (something substantial, yet light).

Mid-day virgin Moscow Mule (wanted the taste, but wasn't feeling the alcohol)!  Perfect!

We had such a special dinner that evening!  We went to Emeril's first restaurant, Delmonico.  Holy moly, this did NOT disappoint!  The food was delicious (I had the red snapper with green rice), the wine was great, and the service was incredible!  It was definitely a treat (price wise), but I highly recommend it!  Definitely the best meal we had!  

Refreshing iced coffee at Mojo Coffee Roasters.

For breakfast, we went to the highly recommended Surrey's Cafe and Juice Bar.  Again, this was AMAZING!  My favorite breakfast for sure!  I had the Creole omelette (filled with avocado and veggies).  Mmm!


Our breakfast held us for most of the day, so in the afternoon I had a Louisiana Mary (spicy bloody Mary).  This was amazing! They used serrano infused vodka, and OMG.  So good!

I didn't take photos of food that night, or the next morning.  But I continued to listen to my body, and give her what she wanted (salad for dinner, and eggs with a biscuit for breakfast).

Part of traveling is eating the food that the people of that the area cook and eat.  That's part of culture and traveling, and it can be so much fun!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and let me know if you want to hear more about my trip.  Maybe I'll do a recap of what we did and where we stayed?  Let me know if you're interested!

Also, have you been to NOLA?  What was your experience like?  Any recommendations on where I should go next?

xo.  Jen